Accessing Inner Purity with Archangel Gabriel

 Archangel Gabriel:  “Greetings, I have come forward at this time to assist you in accessing your inner purity.

When you access the purity within you experience the feeling of exquisite inner bliss, peace and reassurance.” 

 Angel wings pull apart seam of mortals to reveal workings

Friday 30th 2017

The Fairy Yurt

Lindsaylands East, Biggar

ML12 6NR Scotland

Channeling from Archangel Gabriel

“Greetings, I have come forward at this time to assist you in accessing your inner purity.

When you access the purity within you experience the feeling of exquisite inner bliss, peace and reassurance.

You reconnect to who you are, you remember the vibration of your soul, you remember contentment, pure happiness and that you are always supported by the Divine Source and the Angelic Realm.

In this meditation I will take you to the 4th Ray Ashram of Light.

In this space we will do deep cleansing of your soul to free you from critical thinking, self judgement, disappointment and fear of being who you are.

I will work with you to be able to acknowledge your inner purity, to relate to Earthlife through this inner purity and to your family, friends and colleagues.

Through doing this work you will change your relationships to make them more fulfilling and meaningful.

When you connect to that place of inner purity you see the world through the vibrations of purity, you become illuminated in your thinking, inspired and new opportunities become able to be seen.

I will run a trauma release programme on you to heal and also boost your self esteem and confidence.

This will bring to you great stress relief and peace of mind.

Through accessing your inner purity you move more into Oneness consciousness.

The fear anxiety which is formed from separation lifts, allowing you to move into and be more in the present moment always.

Allowing you to let go of drama and moving into a deep knowing of safety at all times on Earth.



Colorful yellow carpel and water drops on purple lotus flower


A recording of the workshop is available here:

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Gabriel Ascension Spheres

We on Planet Earth have been given this meditation tool to assist in our own personal spiritual development and in working together with others, the raising of the collective consciousness.

By using the Ascension Spheres people can access and attune to the energy of Archangels, Gods & Goddesses, Star Systems, Planets, Elementals, Rays and other higher energies.

Ascension Spheres consist of 8 crystals or stones which contain a special energy portal, in a tin and satin pouch, with instruction sheet.

Each set contains a portal to connect you to the deity or energy you have chosen to work with. This is a connection to an intelligence that not only can raise your physical body vibration but allows you access into the realm you are being attuned to.

It strengthens your own connection to your higher self and allows you to connect with your soul and access knowledge you have carried and held for a long time.

Experiences include increased clairaudience, increased visions, insights, inter dimensional travelling, increased clairsentience, healing, and more.

Gabriel Ascension Spheres £30 + Carriage Add to Basket 

Track Title Time (mins)
1 Introduction 11
2 Meditation 1hr 30


2hrs 01


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