You can choose:

Ardmano is a 27kg Preseli Crystal Skull who has offered his services as a remote healer for individuals. Ardmano sessions are powerful and profound.

Anka is a massive Serpentine Dragon Skull, with a speciality in emotional and heart healing.

Lunarity is a massive Rainbow Jasper Skull with a speciality in clearing timelines

Sessions can be booked using the system below.

After the session Alphedia Arara will channel a message from Ardmano, Lunarity or Anka saying what has been worked on, progress and possibly suggestions for further action. This will be emailed to you as an MP3 as soon as it is ready.

We require a photo of yourself uploaded to place under him when the session takes place.

Please allow the time of the session to be at rest and without distraction. Refrain from driving or operating machinery. Drink plenty of quality water and be aware you may detox, be kind to yourself, allow time for integration and grounding. Feel free to contact [email protected] for any health support or advice post session.


How to Book

  1. Click on EU or Non EU (your home country) and select Skull Healing Required
  2. Set your time zone and click Set Time Zone
  3. Choose and Click on Date Required
  4. Choose and Click on Start time
  5. Click Continue for single session or Recurring for repeat sessions
  6. Fill in Names phone and email and send Photo
  7. Click Pay Now
  8. Pay through Paypal