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Meeting with Elves

On the full moon which took place in July 2016, the beautiful Elf kingdom came forward to channel through a healing workshop on that full moon night.

Many regulars to my full moon workshops commented that it was an especially powerful one and great wisdom came through. They also channelled a personal message for each distance person. If you missed the workshop it is now available as a recording you can listen to via this page: Listen Now

I first met the Elves in 2008 in a forest near my house.

the_passing_of_the_elves___leaving_mirkwood_by_gwillieth-d6gqj3cI instantly felt a connection with their energy and knew they would be an important part of my life. My journey with them is written up in my new book Magical Adventures with the Fae which will be out by the end of this year. I hadn’t worked with them for a while so was really delighted when they wanted to come forward to lead the full moon workshop.

We were sat in the garden having a cup of tea. It was my husband who saw them first. So I thanked them for coming and for offering to lead the full moon workshop. I then saw three of them enter the garden (they just walk through the fence in case you were wondering if they climbed over it)  and stopped beside us.

He handed me a bowl…

One of them, who was male, handed out a bowl in two hands. I could see it was an offering but wasn’t sure of what, it looked like gold coins. I said thank you and asked if there was anything I could do for them. They said they would like an offering after the workshop. I  didn’t know what elves liked as an offering. I often leave offerings out for the Sidhe (the magical faeries) but never thought to for the Elves! I offered honey, mead, milk, chocolate and they opted for milk.

After the workshop it was late after 1am when i made it to bed. My husband was in the shower and I lay down in bed feeling accomplished having channelled 55 personal elf messages that night! Then I saw them at the back door and remembered about the milk I hadn’t put out for them. But my bed was so warm and comfy and I was tired. I telepathically said i will get my husband to put your milk out but the elves said that was the agreed energy exchange.

Meeting place with the Elves
Meeting place with the Elves

This I knew was true so I got out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen, found a bowl and put some milk in it. I went out in my bare feet and put the milk by the flower troughs for them and went back to bed. I could tell in the morning the energy of the milk had been drained. They can’t physically drink milk, they just take the energy of it, the life force and if you are clairsentient enough you can feel that.

I then didn’t think much more about the elves. I work with so many beings that I am just in acceptance each day of who comes through to me. Yesterday Auraengus decided he wanted to go to Dawyck Botanics Gardens which is the Tree Botantics of Scotland and 20 minutes drive from our house.

We decided to walk a different path to usual around the gardens and along a bit I hadn’t been to before. Not many people walked along this part as it was off the main path way. We came to a cluster of trees with ferns beneath them. I saw a group of Elves standing watching us. I had never seen Elves in Dawyck before. I stopped as Auraengus and Auriel kept walking.

An elf came up to me…

and handed me a bowl full of what looked like gold coins. He said it was a thank you. I asked if there were many Elves in Merlindale valley, the valley the Botanics were located in. He said there were 3 Royal Courts but one of the forests had been cut down so that Royal Court was moving over to the Botanics hill. It helps if we all get along he said. Then they disappeared or shifted their vibration frequency so I could not longer see them. I smiled and kept on walking taking the energy of my gift from the elves with me.

How to see Elves

*Elves will appear if they wish to communicate with you. They can shift their vibrational frequency to become more physical for a period so you notice them.

*Be in your heart centre and present in the moment when you are out walking. Beforehand send out a telepathic message you would like to communicate with their race.

*Be kind to animals, plants and nature in all areas of your lives. I often pick up litter I haven’t dropped and live as green a lifestyle as I can. Be a conscious citizen in other words. The Elementals will recognise this

*Trust yourself and your communications. Doubt and fear are major sixth sense blocks. Lack of self worth is another one.

*Be in nature where there are few humans and high energy leylines

*Work on cleaning your chakras through meditations, visualisations, crystals, sound and belief patterning release

*Be still and quiet and patient

*Be committed to your divine life path and in your truth even if you don’t know what it is, living from 5th dimensional consciousness rather than 3rd dimensional drama helps greatly with Elemental communications