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Gaia Channelling New Year’s Day 2016

“Greetings, greetings, greetings. I am Mother Gaia and as the offer was given to bring forward wisdom I wish to speak to you directly about the changes in energy that are happening within my metabolism.


I am a living breathing consciousness

I am a living breathing consciousness that is imbued into every aspect of life on what your scientist call Planet Earth. I am the beating heart. I am the womb. I am the song that is sung deep deep within your core and pulls you to experience life in this great Planet.  And as I purge and I release similarly to your own releasing.  The energies that are no longer of service to me you will see great changes happening on Earth.

For those of you who are awake, that have moved into fifth dimensional conscious understanding, who have moved into the understanding that you are part of a whole and that you are part of a divine plan and that you have come here into this physical body with a mission. 

I shall let you into a secret about your missions here on Earth.

All of your missions are to embody the highest frequency light that you in body are able to contain whilst in physical structure.

For some of you it is your first incarnation on Earth. For others, you have been to this Planet many many times and you have great wisdom to share. Some of you have been parachuted in to assist with this increase in light being held on the Earth.

Many of you may have walked into body and more and more walk in experiences are occurring as we move through the photon belt of light.  Therefore we require these old wise souls to be returned here to Earth.  To gather as much knowledge as possible and to bring their wisdom and codes from other realms and galaxies, stars to be present on Earth at this time.

2016 sees the return of divine love codes

Frequencies that have yet to be present on Earth and some that are to be awakened again on Earth.  During Lemurian period many of these codes were present and many ancient Lemurians have returned to Earth to assist with the return of these frequencies.

This year offers the opportunity for those on the path of light to have fast track clearings. Releasing will be much easier swifter and less painful as you have the opportunity now to step into fifth dimensional consciousness understanding and love.

This is a state of divine love, grace, peace, non-judgement and ultimate divine acceptance. I do not wish this message to be about some of the tragedies that will occur in this coming year. For those on the path of light are able to see them for what they are.

Many souls come to Earth to be part of mass evacuations and they do this to assist in the evolution of humanitary consciousness. To clear out karmas and to remove pain and suffering back to the light.  

As the veils are thinning more and more people are remembering their divine purpose and that they are here for a greater purpose than just existing, materialism and gain.

For those of you who are ready to dedicate your souls to your divine source once again.

For that divine spark that is deep within you, today is an opportunity for you to do this. Many of you make New Years resolutions and think of this as one: To live in divine truth. To live in Oneness and to recognise and honour yourself as a spiritual being of light. To bring your body into harmony and to let go of that which no longer serves and keeps you trapped in the illusion of third dimensional totality consciousness. The codes in this gong bath offer you opportunity for releasement.

While you listen, listen from the heart with intent to be divine truth and through this intent the rest clears.

Remember you have many guides and beings of light supporting you and I as your divine Mother figure whilst you are here on Earth, I am supporting you. You are never alone. Hear and follow the call of your heart for it is true. The rest is just drama, awaiting to be transmuted in the light. Blessed Be. Namaste.”

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