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Elemental Message of the Month – Gnomes


Hello, I’m Alphedia Arara of Elemental Beings in Scotland and Author of ‘Messages from Natures Guardians’.  This month we’re going to hear from the Elemental group the Gnomes for our message;

‘Greetings greetings greetings, we are known as the gnomes, we are the guardians of the leylines of the earth and we wish to communicate in order for more people to honour, recognise our existence.

All of your folk lore stories have a basis in truth.

Many people have heard of gnomes but do not believe in our reality and this is because they are unable to see us with your physical eyes but those of you who have the magic gift, those of you who are increasing in energy vibration and awareness know that the elemental realm is real and exists.

Just not in the realm that you all dwell in.

And we gnomes today are calling out to you to recognise us.

To recognise the importance of the energy lines, sometimes known as dragon lines, that criss cross as a grid on mother earth’s skin. The leylines emit frequencies and codes to change life on the surface of earth and when the ley lines become choked, as they often are now due to pollution, building and mining, the energy of these areas stagnates.

Disease can form as well as negative behavioural patterns in humanity so we ask you to protect your leylines, to do the earth healing work with the crystals and with your visualisations to clear the leylines in your locality to lobby, to have more respect for them.

We appreciate its hard as most of humanity is still in 3rd dimensional conscious awareness but more and more people are opening up to the fifth dimensional light and their own inner divinity. You are able through your positive thoughts and beliefs to manipulate situations for the highest and best.

We wish to give you a visualisation now to help heal the ley lines.

Sit on the ground, whether you are indoors or outdoors, outdoors obviously being better but we appreciate that the climate can be a limiting factor. And just feel Mother Earth’s energy. Allow as if your whole body is sinking deep deep down, deep deep down into her.

And as you allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper down you ask now to be connected with leyline structures on earth.

And now you start to breath a golden coloured light and this light radiates out round the globe. You intend all the ley lines of the world are to receive this powerful golden light and so it becomes you now imbue into this powerful golden light whatever frequency Mother Gaia gives you to imbue.  Maybe hope, joy, peace happiness, friendship and you embody that vibration with every cell of your body and now we ask that you send healing love and acknowledgement to all the gnomes in the gnome kingdom for all the hard work we do.

And now you imagine a pink ball of light in your heart, This pink ball of lights aim is to break down the barriers to communications with the elemental kingdom. And now we thank you for taking the time to communicate with our realm, Blessed be.’