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Ascending With Unicorns

Unicorn Message this week 

“Talk about how you feel at this time.


The energies of the Lion’s Gate today are powerful. Use this energy to release painful and non serving emotions.

Allow yourself to be free of judgement.

Use the unicorn energy to lovingly cleanse you of past life emotions coming up in this lifetime to be addressed. Know you are supported alway and we unicorns wish to aid you in the healing of your emotional body at this time.

Find a friend or family member you trust and can be yourself with. Allow your emotions to be released but do not own them. Allow them to transform into love and light  Love the Unicorns”

Channelled by Unicorn Author Alphedia Arara

Ascending with Unicorns Weekly Message

Unicorn Message this week is about pets!! “Animals are so important to Mother Earth. Each species hold a unique energy frequency just like a human does. As more animals start to struggle on Earth due to habitat change, climate change, hunting and disrespect some are choosing to leave. Many however are wishing to help humanity… Continue Reading

Ascending With Unicorns Weekly Message

Alphedia is currently channelling weekly messages from the Unicorns to be shared with you all. They have been shared on facebooks ‘Ascending with Unicorns’ page.  If you are unable to access them we will be sharing them here also.  Here is week number one.. Unicorn Message this week! Be Creative – the energies are allowing… Continue Reading

Goddess Pele Telesummit

Alphedia Arara was asked by Kim Wilborn to take part in her ‘A Year with the Goddess’ telesummit. Over the year there are many exciting goddess workshops to enjoy and this months is the goddess of volcanoes – Pele. During her undergraduate degree at university Alphedia studied volcanoes and spent a month wild camping in… Continue Reading

Sirian High Council Message for Humanity

This month Alphedia Arara channelled an important message from the Syrians which they wished to be released free for all to hear. Here is a transcript of the message: “The high council of Syrius has been observing earth for many, many, many of your earthly years.  We have sent down emissaries who seed the population… Continue Reading