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Master Melchezidek -Transmission of Light

I am Master Melchezidek. I wish to speak to you about changes that are happening on a global level on Planet Earth and to offer some words of counsel to those who are feeling confused and lost.

These shifts are happening at a Planetary Global level and what you are witnessing is the breakdown of the dense third dimensional matter.

The reason Alphedia is feeling drained is that her soul has been working with a team in the other realms to assist with the completion of the denigration of a power grid that was controlling humanity.

There are those who are seeded in to human bodies who have been sent at certain times in order to bring through mass consciousness shift.

As lightworkers you focus on those who are doing this through the light but there are souls who are sent to do this through the shadow and they for various reasons thrive in that role.

And as you move into fifth dimensional consciousness of non judgement, you can honour them for the role that they are fulfilling even if it is not for the same purpose as the workers of the light.

This great experiment on Earth is unfolding tenfold and dramatically. At this time it is wise to keep centred and grounded as the energies will get more chaotic yet.

Those who have moved into fifth dimensional consciousness will be aware of not dropping into the drama but observing the drama that is playing out within the political systems especially in Europe at this time.

Also you have one of the greatest gatherings on Earth taking place this summer – The Olympic Games and the country that is hosting it is in turmoil also. The Olympic Games come every four years as a celebration and a beacon of light but this summer the beacon of light is working on penetrating deeper than just the sporting energies.

It is starting to dismantle dark corruption forces as Gaia starts to weed out energies that are intolerable to her soul.

As you have already been warned there will be more mass exits of souls and as Archangel Azrael has said they will not just be through disasters but many souls are finding it intolerable to be on Earth and have accepted walk in or soul swap opportunities as the Intergalatic Council are sending down higher vibration beings of light to bring in stability to the experiment.

My advice on behalf of the Melchezidek Order, which oversees enlightenment through soul exploration and growth on Earth and as Guardians of the Christ of Light codes, our advice is to disengage from the human consciousness.

Now you are human so you may be asking why we are suggesting this but the human consciousness is a vibration that is created by the thoughts of all of humanity.

You may have noticed those of you who have experienced recessions that although your circumstances may not change at all, in fact you may even increase in wealth, you can take on the poverty consciousness mindset that is brought through with a recession.

Recessions are all illusion for the Universe is abundant and now it is time to let go of ego beliefs of poverty consciousness. For although you may compare wealth as abundance, abundance is far more than that.

Abundance is experiencing joy, is experiencing happiness, is experiencing love and we wish to remind you that each soul makes its choice as to where in the world they wish to live, who they wish to be birthed to and what they wish to offer as their gift for humanity and for Mother Gaia.

You are very conditioned, particularly in the Western world to make judgements of those who do not hold your beliefs, who do not conform and who do not reinforce the paradigm that your beliefs exist within.

Each soul has chosen their life experiences; it is how you handle these life experiences that determines wither you are living from a place of fifth dimensional consciousness or staying trapped in the third dimensional reality.

Now on Earth, more important than ever it is time to seek the light for it is there for you.

As you purge, and yes I use the word purge the ego aspects of yourself, challenges will be brought to you, for you have been ignoring perhaps the ill health, perhaps the lack of wealth, perhaps the lack of friendship, the lack of love.

Whatever your ego has created in terms of lack for you it is now time to rise above it, to let go of your conditioning placed into you prior to this date, be it from your medical authorities, your bankers, your teachers, your parents.

It is time to return to the truth of the soul and the love of Mother Gaia and the love of the Angels and the Divine Light that exists within all of you.

For through love you will transform, wither it is loving yourself, loving another, loving an animal, a child or Mother Nature. So we ask that every day you, for even just a minute of your time, can focus on experiencing love within your heart. Extending that love out to wherever or whomever you are guided, to increase this powerful vibration. And together we will bring forward the New Dawn.

That is the end of my Transmission of Light today.


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