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12 Keys Of Abundance Transmission

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"When you are carrying fully activated Keys of Abundance this allows you to move beyond limitation, scarcity and loss vibration."

If you haven't activated your 12 keys of abundance yet this recording will help you to do so and shift monetary blocks in your life at this time.

Alphedia Arara was asked at the opening of the Lions Gate to bring forth a new channeled transmission from Ascended Master Lord Ganesh and the Abundance Goddesses, Abundantia and Lakshmi as an abundance portal opened on 27th July 2019.

This transmission, during this abundance portal, allows you to catapult more fully into a state of abundance in all areas of your life.

We lightworkers no longer have to be struggling and as we receive the 12 Keys of Abundance this process supports us in enabling us to more easily fulfill our missions and supports us in clearing any limitations that have been vibrationally holding us back when it comes to the abundance frequency.

Channeled Message from the Ascended Masters of Abundance

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we come forward as the Ascended Masters of Abundance.

I am Lord Ganesh, I am joined by Abundantia and Lakshmi. The three of us wish to offer you all the Keys of Abundance.

Now there are 12 Keys of Abundance and the abundance portal that opens on 27th July 2019 coincides with the opening of the Lions gate.

This potent energy combination brings together the opportunity for you all to amplify your abundance frequency.

Now as you amplify your abundance frequency you not only dissolve away negativity in your thought forms and conditioning but you step into the vibration of plenty.

This causes your chakras and energy field to expand, it causes your thought forms to move into positivity and it allows you to receive greater love.

For when you are carrying fully activated Keys of Abundance this allows you to move beyond limitation, scarcity and loss vibration.

We have been asked by the Galactic Council of Light to bring forth this transmission to help you all harness this frequency which will catapult you more easily into 5th dimensional consciousness, the consciousness of plenty, oneness and unity.

Now these 12 Keys of Abundance are in essence codes, frequencies that you are all born with but depending on where you are on the karmic wheel cycle of your souls’ evolution some may still be remaining inactive for you.

In this transmission we will teach you the mastery of these 12 Keys of Abundance.

The reason the three of us have come forth is that we mastered them whilst in the earth vibratory form and now it is time for us to share with you our knowledge.

We will do this through guided meditation, attunements and teachings.

We will work first of all in clearing any stuck energy within the abundance frequency within your holographic matrix.

We will then go through the 12 Keys to activate them within you and then we will show you any challenge that your soul may experience because of your past experiences in the Earth plane so that you can continue to focus on releasing that stuck energy.

Know that this will be a very uplifting workshop that can be listened to at any time in your future life also to help keep these 12 keys of abundance in harmony and balance within you,.

Know that we lovingly guide you and support you all at this time. Adoni.”

As always Alphedia Arara channeled this workshop live from the deities and you experience deep healing through meditations, attunements and sacred knowledge that is imparted.

Your journey is supported by the soothing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, the crystal singing bowls and percussion to move your vibration into a place of greater abundance frequency.

This abundance portal offers everybody the opportunity to harness the abundance frequencies to move out of suffering, limitation and scarcity.

We on Earth have free will and it is our choice whether to allow these changes to come into being for us but know you are all ready for this new exciting stage to begin again on Earth.

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