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Accessing Wealth Consciousness with Abundantia & the Wealth Angels

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Wealth is a state of being and by accessing the wealth consciousness vibrational frequency your life can change instantly. Are you willing to invest in your wealth consciousness and change your life?

Goddess Abundantia and the Wealth angels have come forward to offer their assistance in shifting your wealth frequency. Through this powerful channeled workshop Alphedia Arara brings forward the energies to assist you in accessing your wealth consciousness.

Through the veils of illusion and our familial and societal conditioning we take on subconscious beliefs often as early as one year old with regards to wealth.

Through this workshop Alphedia Arara channels Goddess Abundantia and connects you to her powerful energy. She holds the space for you to sit in her energy frequency and allows you through this to access and remember the vibration of wealth consciousness.

  • Through a group attunement to the Wealth Angels you will start to be shown key belief patterns that are stopping you from fully accessing at every moment the wealth consciousness vibration.
  • Through guided self realisation exercises you will access core beliefs that require to be released. Alphedia also teaches you about digging down to access subconscious beliefs.
  • You will go on a powerful channeled guided meditation from Goddess Abundantia to help you clear the veils of illusion.
  • Releasing the belief patterns and vibrational codes and frequencies that are stored within your body that are hindering you being truly wealthy in every area of your life.

This workshops aids Light Workers in harnessing fully their true potential supported by the wealth consciousness vibration.

This workshop aids you in getting on track in your wealth consciousness journey and learning key tools you can use daily in your life.

Channeling with Goddess Abundantia

“It is with great privilege and honour I step forth to be of service with you all now.

The high energies of 2017 are making it possible for you to step out of a paradigm of thought and conditioning that has been holding you back.

Think for a moment about your possibilities and what you would do to aid yourself on your Divine Mission and Earth and Humanity if wealth was no object.

Allow yourself to step into this abundance frequency and know all is possible, for it is your Divine birth right to be wealthy.

I will work on clearing out past life conditioning, societal conditions and familial conditioning along with the supportive energies of the Wealth Angels, who are loving and guiding you daily with mantras and invocations.

This will be a supportive workshop to aid you on your path of light and to bring great joy to you.

Know all is possible and the energies of 2017 are supportive of this.

Namaste and Adoni.”


"When you share the experiences of those that attend the workshop, it helps a lot. For me I did feel numbness in the red chakra. Which was to do with feeling, safe. All of this lifetime and I know my past lifetimes I have avoided people for various reasons. One, I feel, is even to do with “Belief” and the other is traumas. And as you say you can’t heal overnight. I have had healing regarding past lives and psyhco therapy. I believe this will shift as it still can effect my life today. The other issue of left and right brain working I can relate too. This has hit the “ nail on the head” for me and I thank you. I never expected this from this workshop." Geni, England

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