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Accessing Wisdom and Truth with Archangel Sandalphon Meditation

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Archangel Sandalphon helps us access the wisdom and truth of who we are. Moving into that place of integrity, that place of true self sovereignty from which Divine power comes from.

Archangel Sandalphon is known as the angel of the earth, guard of the earth star chakra and he takes our prayers and wishes up to the Divine.

The energies support us in shining our truth, being our truth and through this truth we transform our lives, we heal ourselves of past life karmas, we heal current relationships and we heal abuse. We see clearly where we are and who we are and we are able to see, remember and access deep peace within.

  • In the workshop Alphedia Arara channels Archangel Sandalphon live, you will be taken on a deep healing soul journey supported by a holographic grid that Alphedia created for those attending and those taking part distantly to be maximised in high frequency light.
  • Your journey will supported by channeled playing of Tibetan singing bowls, percussion and drum to bring sound healing and frequency shifts into being for you.

Alphedia is an experienced angel channel who has spent many lifetimes in esoteric temples and is here to assist humanity in their shift to their divine sovereignty on earth once again.

Channeled Message from Archangel Sandalphon

Greetings beloved ones, it is an honour to have this opportunity to bring forward deep healing for you. I Archangel Sandalphon wish to aid you through this powerful hours meditation in releasing patterning within your holographic matrix which stops you being able to make decisions and to speak and be from your inner place of truth.

Many humans walk this Earth living under others rule, directions and dictates. I am offering this healing meditation to take you deep into inner Earth where you will be able to access great soul truths. Some of these truths have been kept from humanity since the fall of Atlantis and this meditation is for those who are ready to start to live and honour the truth of there soul, soul group and monadic selves.

This meditation will help you come into alignment with your higher self and bring to you your soul group, soul mate, partner who is best able to facilitate your joy, happiness and peace and support you on your Divine mission here on planet Earth.

Through these vibrational shifts that myself and the angels of the earth will aid you with you will be able to bring into alignment many lifetimes, be released from many traumas and you will be able to balance and be in a place of Divine sovereignty and truth.

In the meditation you will be prepared to present yourself in front of your own High Council. Each soul that comes to earth has a high council that guides there path, at times this high council can abort your path if you are not fulfilling and achieving what you came to earth to do.

Coming into alignment with your high council allows you to negotiate which parts of being human work for you and to renegotiate your contract if there are areas you are struggling with and to fine tweak support that can be brought to you.

This is a life changing opportunity for those souls who are ready, know that the angelic realm divinely support you always, namaste.”
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