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Accessing Your Highest Soul Potential - Seraphim Angels Meditation

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The Seraphim Angels of Light came forward to offer a powerful hour's meditation on accessing your highest soul potential.

In these popular angel meditations Alphedia Arara channels a deeply healing and life altering meditation supported by the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, sacred drum and percussion.

You will be fully immersed in the loving energies of the angelic realm to help you access your highest soul potential.

As we speed up with the acceleration of light as part of the ascension process, many of us are feeling the call to be our highest soul potential at this time.

By accessing this knowledge and wisdom and clearing away any blocks to this expression of your soul truth you will find that your life starts to become more fulfilled, joyous and happy.

As we come into alignment with our divine soul accord we feel more in body, more centred and more at peace with who we are and why we’re on earth.

The Seraphim Angels of light are the high vibration Angels bringing through powerful upgrading energy

Channeled Message from the Seraphim Angels

Greetings it is with great joy we come forth to assist you all as light workers on earth. We have come to support you in the accessing of your highest soul potential.

Now this changes constantly as you release further layers of conditioning and veils of illusion as you grow as souls, so this meditation can become one of your ongoing tools as part of your ascension journey for we the Seraphim are considered to be of the highest vibration within the Angelic Realm and we wish to offer you this energy boost at this time.

We have come to aid you and support you in the realignment and calibration of your own energy fields, to take control of your own mission of light and to honour and access the full potential of your soul to its highest.

This meditation we will journey to an Ashram of Light where you will connect directly with Creator of the Divine.

To have this experience as a human soul on earth is a rare occurrence but you are all ready now to tap into the infinite wisdom of the one mind of the creative source know that this will be a balm for your soul.This will be like being bathed in the most exquisite light energy.

We will work on clearing the chakra system, we will work on deprogramming you from what limits you, from being and accessing your highest soul potential.

We will work on empowering you so you are confident, ready and able to be an expression of your highest soul truth and from this place you can manifest easily all that you desire from the heart for once you step into alignment with your soul potential your life aligns into the path that you have previously chosen.

Know that your Angelic Guides as well as us will support you all the way on this journey.

Are you ready to make the change, are you ready to become empowered, are you ready to step into the truth of yourself as a soul and to shine brightly, Namaste.”

The meditation is supported by channelled sound healing from tibetan singing bowls and other instruments through Alphedia Arara

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