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Accessing the Inner Heart Chamber with the Unicorns

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This special workshop aids you in opening and reconnecting to your inner heart chamber. With the support of the Unicorns love allowing you to undo feelings of unworthiness, unfairness, dissatisfaction, fear, judgements that you hold.

The Unicorns are powerful beings of love and light who have offered to assist humanity.

During this great time of change, many many souls are awaking to their spirituality and to their divine life path and are ready to move fully into fifth dimensional consciousness, a place of love, peace, forgiveness, harmony and joy.

The Unicorn realm wish to support you in the exploration of your inner heart. We as humans are heart centred beings of light but our heart gets closed down by trauma, conditioning and societal belief patterning, as well as past life experiences that can still be being carried by the soul.

The tenth dimensional Unicorns, who have an incredibly high frequency, come to bring forward initiations, mediations, attunements as well as personal messages to assist participants in the exploration of their heart’s desires, their heart’s wisdom and connection to Divine Source.

  • Alphedia Arara is the author of the e-book Ascending with Unicorns and she channels live the workshop on the day.
  • Participants experience deep healing in a powerful chakra meditation
  • Go on a tenth dimensional Unicorn Ascension Sphere attunement, which is a powerful healing to open up your sixth sense and attune you to the tenth dimensional Unicorn frequency. Receive a guided meditation to connect to your Unicorn guides so that you can receive wisdom about how they can assist in life.
  • Receive three Unicorn initiation transmissions, which take you through three layers, deep into the inner heart chamber.
  • Alphedia facilitates taking you deep into your inner heart space. This is a space, that once you have reconnected with it, you will never forget it. You will know how to get back to this place, and how to exist from from this place of deep love and peace, to move you more fully into one-ness to Divine Consciousness.
  • Supported by beautiful music of the singing bowls and the drum, this is an opportunity for the Unicorns to allow you to give yourselves the greatest gift as a soul you can receive.

This increases your energy frequency, so you vibrate at a higher rate daily. This alchemises and affects the outer reality of life around you also.

Through setting intentions with the Unicorns for healing, great shifts can occur within your love life, family and friend relationships, career, finances and connection to Mother Gaia and all her wonderful elements.

  • Participants receive a Unicorn skull healing attunement.

This was a special day where the Unicorns supported participants on their ascension path, to help them move forward from heart centred consciousness and onto the divine path, letting go of resistance and ego pain.

Channeling from the tenth dimensional Unicorns

Greetings, it is our mission on earth to spread divine love, to allow all to experience its quality, its purity and its light, for divine love is why you are here on earth.

To experience true divine love in third dimensional reality within a physical existence is a profound experience. We wish to balance your emotional bodies, and align them fully with your soul’s will, to take you on a deep healing journey with our love and support, as we aid in you in arising from the mire.

Know that this is an opportunity for you to harness more divine love for yourself, and for others, and to feel and to experience this.In the first part of the workshop we will be clearing, releasing and transmuting form you energy vibrations that serve you no more, and we will support you in journeying deep into the inner heart centre.

This will be an incredibly powerful initiation workshop. You are worthy of doing this great work for your soul and Gaia increasing her frequency daily is now allowing humans to access the hidden chambers of their divinity, for as you awaken, you awaken thousands of others, just by your existence, just by you holding the codes and the frequencies.

Everyone who meets you, who has contact with you will become activated through your energy vibration. If you hear the call of the Unicorns in your life, know that it is time for you to awaken. It is time for you to remember the special unique frequencies and codes that you offer all.

Find that deep place of love and your life will transform. You are a radio to the universe and when you radiate out love, love comes back to you tenfold in all manner of different ways.

Now is the time beloved ones, to accept this support and this gift that we Unicorns offer you.Namaste.”
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