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Accessing your Inner Matrix Knowledge – God Thoth Workshop

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In this Full Moon Inner Matrix Workshop Egyptian God Thoth is offering us the opportunity to free ourselves from the vibrations that block spiritual enlightenment of our soul.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 14th September 2019.

This Full Moon in Pisces occured at 5.32am on 14th September 2019 BST. This Moon is known as a ‘micro moon’ as the full moon is at its furthest point away from Earth. This means that we have the opportunity to move into this space of open consciousness.

The Egyptian God known as Thoth is often known as a High Magician, specialising in manifestations, sacred geometry, writing and astronomy. He is known as the Scribe of the Gods and brought forth many books on hermetic secrets of magic and manifestation, the most famous being the Emerald Tablets.

Thoth is one of the key deities aiding us with Humanity’s evolution as we move into this further stage of the Ascension Process at the solstice of 2019.

In this Full Moon workshop he is offering us the opportunity to free ourselves from the vibrations that block spiritual enlightenment of our soul.

  • Alphedia Arara channels Thoth directly to bring through wisdom for you.
  • You go on a self realisation exercise where Thoth will assist you in understanding the vibrations that are held within your inner holographic matrix that are blocking your spiritual enlightenment and are ready to be released and washed away now.
  • You receive a Thoth Ascension Sphere attunement which will provide a deep soul healing for you.
  • Then Alphedia channels the guided meditation from Thoth supported by sound healing, which she channels through the Tibetan singing bowls, percussion, crystal singing bowls and any voice toning that is required to support you on this powerful healing journey.

Know that full moons are a powerful time to support your healing and spiritual growth. Alphedia Arara is an experienced facilitator to support you on your inner soul journey work.

This is an exciting opportunity to have a live connection with the Egyptian God Thoth whose wisdom has been profound in shaping Humanity’s evolution and continues to be so.

The recording can be listened to any time.

Egyptian God Thoth Inner Matrix Channeled Message

Greeting, greetings. I am known as the Egyptian God Thoth, but I was a High Priest during Atlantis and I have been a seeker of illuminated knowledge throughout many galaxies.

My role here on Earth is to aid spiritual enlightenment and to support the Earth experiment.

This Full Moon I offer you spiritual enlightenment opportunity of access to your inner matrix knowledge.You may wonder now what the inner matrix is but within every soul there is a sacred geometry form through which you resonate and manifest forth your spiritual enlightenment.

Many inner matrixes have been distorted and this Full Moon heralds in through the Piscean watery energy the opportunity to cleanse and wash away any distortion that is affecting your spiritual enlightenment at this time.

As souls in the build up to this Equinox, the still point, you have a final opportunity to purge and wash away vibrations that are not your harmonious with your inner matrix self.

As you know, you are all souls vibrating at a particular frequency.

Depending on your frequency, depends on your level of spiritual enlightenment.

Another word for enlightenment is knowledge and as a knowledge keeper I am ready now to aid you in accessing a further level of your soul knowledge.

Some of you may be feeling slightly confused with the energy frequencies that are occurring.

They may be bringing up fear, resistance, anger and uncertainty which is being reflected in the outer world also through your political systems as this time.

You have the knowledge and understanding that great change is coming to the world and to Humanity at large as we move further in to the unity consciousness process.

This moon’s energy offers you this opportunity to feel birthed and new.

The planetary “T” square that is occurring is often known as the ‘Phoenix Rising’ and this gives you the opportunity to embark upon soul resurrection in this cycle.

Know, that this Full Moon heralds in the Portal for the Equinox energies.

It is an opportunity for you to access the deep knowledge of your inner soul enlightenment.

It is an exciting moon offering you the opportunity to realise more of your soul within.

I, Thoth, have assisted many civilisations through this process of spiritual enlightenment.

Many of you are Earth healers and Temple builders who are on the Earth to recreate the temples of light and to bring through the innate knowledge within your soul that will help move Humanity’s consciousness further on in this enlightenment process.

I will take you to my temple of wisdom that is holographically held within the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Few are aware of this space, however I am making it accessible once again for you all to have this experience of accessing the inner soul matrix with ease.

I look forward to our healing session. Namaste.”

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