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Achieving Highest 5D Human Potential Venus & Solaris Full Moon

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PRE RECORDED AUDIO only workshop

channelled by Alphedia Arara on 14th Feb 2022

Come and celebrate the Full Moon in Leo with Alphedia Arara.

This Full Moon occurs at 16.56 GMT on 16th February 2022 (Auraengus’s birthday !).

After recovering from Covid we are taking a break in the mid term holidays.

This workshop will therefore not be broadcast live this month but available as a prerecorded download for you.

If you book the workshop before the 17th February you receive a £10 discount on the course which has been channelled live as usual just recorded and shorter this month.

Price will be revised to full on 17th February. (Midnight GMT)

Join Alphedia Arara as she channels the Venus Star Beings and Solaris the Sun Deity this Full Moon Point in Leo the Fire sign.

They are offering an upgrade to assist us in achieving our highest 5d human potential.

Venus is the representation of Feminine Love and Solaris the Masculine Fire energy.

The two consciousnesses come forward, as Venus has left retrograde, shifting the final heart wounding for many and can come into fuller unity with the Sacred Masculine within.

This powerful energetic union allows us to be able to at last have the opportunity to achieve our highest human potential within.

Many of us have been feeling overwhelmed in the last few months from the powerful energetic shifts which have been making us recalibrate our inner frequency to allow to step onto the higher template now.

We as lightworkers and starseeds have come to Earth at this Ascension Point to achieve our Highest Potential as a Soul in human form.

If you have been feeling stuck in any area of your life this will be a very healing transmission to help you move forward.

Accessing hidden talents and raising your consciousness as Master Souls with deep heart healing.

See this Full Moon as a massive opportunity for upgrade if you feel ready to take it.

In this workshop:

You will be connected to the Full Moon point with the Lords of Time and learn about them.

You will receive a channelled invocation to call in the energy of Venus Star Beings and the Solaris Sun consciousness

You will be lead on a channelled guided Full Moon meditation with sound healing

Live Channeling from the Venus Star Beings

Channelled Meditation Transmission from the Venus Star beings and Solaris sun supported by sound healing from the sacred instruments to the Venus Temple on Kos.

Rose Quartz Venus Star Beings healing for grounding and integration

Channelled Message from Venus Star Beings

“We are delighted to support you humans on Earth at this time just now.

It is fascinating to watch how you are processing the light shifts in your matrixes within this great experiment on Earth.

Solaris sun will be releasing codes at the Full Moon Point which are encoded to allow you creater access to remembering within who you are and your highest timeline trajectory so far.

In this transmission you will be taken to the Venus Temple Portal on Earth.

This temple is on the Greek island of Kos and covering the Aegean sea.

Here you will receive heart healing from us Venus Beings, to melt alway any final resistance of blocks to you achieving your highest human potential.

You will receive your Solaris upgrade and remember and be shown your highest potential for you as a soul as this time in human form.

This is so exciting humanity is ready for this experience now.


Alphedia and Auraengus visited the Venus temple on the small Greek island of Kos in 2019.

We collected bottles of Aegean sea water which will be on the Altar during the transmission.

The sea and the island was very feminine and beautiful in energy.

This is approx 90 minute PRERECORDED audio workshop

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