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Activating the Golden Merkaba, Earth Healing Retreat

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Workshop date: 20 April 2018
Duration approximately: More than 25 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message included with this workshop recording. Audio download now available.

This retreat is now available on Audio MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place in April 2018.

Increase your vibratory state of being and transform in this Golden Aura of Light, through your Merkaba, so that you are consciously connected, to the higher Divine Light codes.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu were asked to hold a special Earth Healing Ascension Retreat, to activate the Golden Merkaba of Mother Earth.

Many souls have been sent to Earth at this time to do this work for Mother Earth, in the Activation of these Golden Light Codes.

As long ago as Ancient Egypt, many souls were called to the temples there, to begin this process of preparing for the return of the Golden Age.

The Egyptian God Osiris and Goddess Isis lead us on a powerful three-day retreat, to support activating and healing yourselves first, through teaching you how to work with your Golden Merkaba.

In this retreat you receive deep Soul Healings, Attunements and Activations.

2018 is the year when perfect balance and the new Alchemy of Energy can be experienced in the physical planes, bringing with it radiant health, Divine Love and great joy.

The reason that we gather in the high vibration site of Kilmichael Glen is that in 2018 the Celtic Bardic Codes require to be activated.

The Druids and the Ancient Celts, were the protectors of these codes which are actually tools for manifesting this Golden Age.

If you are an Earth Healer or this resonates deep within your soul, as part of your path to assist the Elementals, the trees, the plants and the flowers, Alphedia will activate for you the Diamond Light codes, which her soul has been sent to Earth many times to shine forth with.

These Diamond Light codes re-connect you with the power of creation itself and a wonderful energy of gratitude and appreciation.

Moving into a joyous and blissful state of being as you fulfil your mission as a Guardian of Mother Earth.

Your soul will transform, as will you, carrying more refined Crystalline Light codes.

This increases your psychic awareness and prepares you for your role in the creation of the Temple of Light, at the Solstice of 2018.

For ten years, we have been working on Earth, to build up to this event in the summer of 2018.

  • What occurs on this Retreat is the sounding of the Bardic Codes of Light. Many souls came to Earth to sing and to sound into the land, this New Dawn, this new Golden Era.
  • Alphedia brings through personal guidance, initiations, wisdom and messages.
  • We work with the Sidhe, with the Fairies.
  • We visit Kilmartin Stone Circle and Standing Stones and we do the Activation of this Golden Merkaba of Light, though breath work, in this special Glen.

  • This retreat offers you the opportunity to culminate many lifetimes of soul work. It offers you the opportunity to be at the forefront of activating this New Golden Age.
  • Your work as a soul is important for the Ascension, not only of Planet Earth, but the bringing through of a new Logos of Consciousness which will be downloaded to you too.
  • This retreat is supported by the Sirian Star Beings as well as the Egyptian Pantheon.
  • As always, Alphedia brings through sound codes with voice and singing bowls.

As we gather as souls, to do this great Earth Healing work, know you are making a difference, to not only humanity, Mother Earth, but the whole of the Universe.

Channelled Message from Osiris

Greetings Dear Ones, I am very honoured, to be with my wife Isis, in supporting you with this great transformation work.

Working with the Earth’s Merkaba, you will notice a speed, of rapid increase in consciousness, psychic awareness and deep understanding of who you are.

Not only that, but you will be supporting soul growth for all of humanity, for the Sidhe, the Fairy and the Elemental Realms and the Planet at large.

We will take you back to your life time in Egypt when you were first gathered as souls, to birth the seeds of this Golden Light.

You all have been on an Ascension fast track through the dark periods and now into the light culminating with the new Temple of Light creation.

We commend you all.

We will start the retreat with working on clearing any karma that serves you no more.

We will work on taking you back to the true connection of your soul so you can remember your role in this Temple of Light creation and how to work with the Merkaba energy.

To manifest and to instantly heal all discordant energies in your life.

This will be a great tool, to support you. A great tool to support you, in your Earth Healing work, your soul healing work and your Ascension work.

Going forward, you are the Master Souls and it is time your spiritual powers were remembered, we will unlock dormant seeds of light stored within your DNA patternings.

We will spin your inner Merkaba faster and we will transform you into a Golden Crystalline Light.

This will support you in any physical pains you have been suffering on this Ascension journey.

This will allow you to come into your Soul Mastery and we will also connect you with your archetypal Egyptian Pantheon Guide.

Many of you are ready for our support through your initiations.

We will bring in the energies of the Golden Dragons.

Now, the Golden Dragons have been preparing since 21/12/12, to come forth, to support with this New Dawn – the return of the Golden Christ Consciousness codes and the Activation of the Celtic Bardic Codes of Light.

For Scotland was the birth place of modern Astrology.

The Island of Orkney, the mainland, was where the hub of civilisation started, through a great energy portal at the Ring of Bright Water.

Many of the Star Seeds, started to re-seed the consciousness of humanity, after the Fall in Atlantis.

And the Sirians wish to come forth to bring a transmission, so you have a greater understanding, of the roles you are all individually playing at this time on the Ascension journey.

Depending on the souls who gather, will depend on the extra work we are guided to do with you.

But know, there will be a fire ceremony, to bring through the Activation of your Golden Merkabas.

There will be physical poses that we channel, for you to stand in, to receive the upgrades.

We will also bring through a key.

For each of you who attend are Master Souls to support the Temple of Light creation, whether you attend physically or at a distance.

This key, allows you to unlock, inner chambers of wisdom, stored within the Akashic Records - deep within the earth.

Isis will be holding the Divine Feminine energies and I will be holding the Divine Masculine energies.

We will be supporting, a re-balancing of the whole consciousness, of humanity on earth.

On this day many of you will have returned to you sacred knowledge that your soul has been grieving for.

Know that this experience offered, is unparalleled, in living memory of Earth so far.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you hear our Clarion Call. Namaste”.
  • This is a unique opportunity, for you to shine your light and to have an energy upgrade.

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