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Activating the Holy Grail Codes Within, Earth Healing Retreat, Iona 2019

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Join Mary Magdalene and her daughter Lady Sarah who lead the deep healing required to prepare you for the activation of the Holy Grail Codes within your holographic matrix and Mother Earth. Assisted by Lord Sananda, Master Melchizedek and the Dragon, Mermaid, Dolphin and Crystal Realms.

This retreat took place over four sacred days on the beautiful Scottish island of Iona, one of the Heart Centres of the Earth.

Iona was the first place that Christianity settled in the United Kingdom. But long before that it was a sacred island known as the Druid Library. All the land and the rocks of the island contain codes of ancient wisdom of the Druid race; the Earth magicians, keepers and protectors.

During the time after the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene and Lady Sarah lived with the druids on this Holy Island immersing themselves in deep spiritual work and healing.

On this retreat you are supported through your own inner transformation journeys to self healing and ascension through Alphedia’s powerful channeling work in meditation, attunements, visualisations, earth activations and healing exercises with the deities.

Alphedia takes you on Earth healing journeys to the North Beach, to the Mary Magdalene chapel ruins where the Temple of Light is created and onto Dun I, the hill on Iona, where you receive a Divine Blessing from the Well of Brigid, the Goddess Well on Iona. Here, the sacred water bubbles up from deep within the heart centre of Mother Earth.

In previous retreats a Dragon Portal was activated on Dun I allowing the leylines to travel out around the world from the Heart Centre. We work with the Golden Dragons and Crystal Skulls to do more activation work as requested by Mother Earth to activate the Holy Grail codes.

Channeled message from Mary Magdalene

Greetings, greetings,

Myself, Mary Magdalene and my daughter Lady Sarah, come forth to invite you to journey with us on the Sacred Island of Iona.

As one of the Heart Portals of the world, all those who come through the veil are instantly connected to the Heart Codes of Mother Earth.

For this Earth Healing Retreat, we are calling out to souls who are ready to carry the Holy Grail codes embodied by Lady Sarah again within their energy fields.

The Holy Grail codes are the codes of Self Mastery, Divine Balance, Divine Unity, Divine One-Ness, and they are ready to be reactivated within Mother Earth again.

Many souls have returned to Earth at this time to reactivate the Holy Grail codes within themselves, and for the world at large.

This process is often known as the Trinitisation process. The perfect balance of the feminine and the masculine is the ultimate that humanity has been seeking in order to access the pure codes of the Christed Light.

The Christ Light Codes hold the Golden Codes of Ascension. For this reactivation to occur on the Earth, it requires great esoteric magic to seed the Unity codes, the One-ness codes, into the land at this time.

Now as Earth is returning to a higher state of consciousness, many souls are ready to walk this path of unity in order to catalyse the next stage, Stage Two of the ascension journey, which begins on 21st December 2019.

Stage Two requires to be birthed, to be brought into being through souls who hold higher elevated consciousness and understanding.

On this retreat we will begin with healing you from your traumas, especially from your Essene incarnation memories many of you are still traumatised from the events 2,000 years ago, and I will work with Lord Sananda, Master Melchizedek, to support you in the processing of your own personal experience as an Essene at that time and the role that you were performing to help bring the Holy Grail codes in their primitive form back onto Earth.

Once we have done the deep healing work within you, we will begin the activation process of the Trinitisation stage within your holographic matrixes. Working on your merkaba light vehicle, your kundalini energy system, as well as your meridian pathways.

On the island we will pilgrimage to sacred sites to do Earth healing and clearing work in preparation for the full activation by Mother Gaia of the Holy Grail codes within.

We will work with the Dragon realm, the Mermaid realm, the Dolphins, the Crystal realm and Lady Sarah will bring through womb blessings and activations for the women, and Lord Sananda seed activations for the men.

We will work with the Golden Light frequencies and stabilisation of the Christed Light Grid around the Earth, which requires an upgrade in 2019 also.

We will do further work with the Golden Merkaba of Gaia in preparation for Stage Two of this Ascension Process, as well as bringing forth powerful healing transmissions, personal messages of guidance and awakening within you, the true one-ness with all.

You will be blessed by the Sacred Water At the spring on Dun I and this will be when the full activation of the Holy Grail codes occur for you.

Know that the Dragons then will work with us in taking the codes down the leylines to activate round the world.

This will be a sacred, powerful and transformatively healing four days for your soul.

Know that we call out to those who are ready and who are here as the pioneers supporting the Temple of Light Creation, which will be performed also on Iona. You will have the opportunity to transform not only inwardly, but your outward reality.

This retreat not only supports the activation of the Grail Codes, but starts the resurrection process of humanity’s consciousness as we begin to birth the next stage of the removal of everything that is disingenuous and unsustainable through the Heart Chakra going forth.

This will be a deeply heart healing retreat, as you will be bathed in the energies of Divine Love throughout. It is through Divine Love your soul finds the inner bliss it seeks.

It is a great honour and privilege for us to do this sacred work.


The retreats are always a life changing experience for participants, with deep realisations, soul expression and transformative soul healing taking place. Each day consists of a morning, afternoon and evening session of going late into the night as the channeled energy and information comes forth. It offers you an opportunity to learn more about your self supported by Alphedia and Auraengus’s nurturing energies with lots of laughter and joy experienced also.

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