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Activating your Meridian System Archangel Tzaphkiel Workshop

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Archangel Tzaphkiel is the Archangel of deep contemplation and is known as the cosmic mother. She helps you to fully develop the feminine side of your nature allowing your heart to open fully.

Archangel Tzaphkiel was asked to do the full moon workshop in November 2012 to activate our meridian system.The full moon was in Gemini and coincided with a Lunar Eclipse. It occurred at 14.47pm.

This moons energy was about reflection of where you have come from and where you are going to; the energy of this full moon allows you the opportunity to be fully honest with yourself about what you wish to manifest and where you are going in your souls’ journey.

Archangel Tzaphkiel offers to prepare your energy system for the shifts so you can integrate better the high frequency light that descended on to the planet after the portal opening on 21.12.12.

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