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Agate Clear Quartz Geode Crystal Skull

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Wowzers this is a stunning Agate Geode skull. The quartz point are beautifully formed and go right through the skull. This is Farana who is a Goddess of Mystery skull. She is carrying mayan light codes and is here to bring through Earth Wisdom and remind you of your souls progression. She will aid you in reclaiming ancient memories of talents and gifts and soul knowledge

Crystal Properties

Agate is a form of quartz crystals laid down in bands. It brings about balance, centering the physical energy field. Its a stone that transforms negative energies, improves concentration and builds self confidence. It assists with communications with other realms and beings. It is very calming energy and aids one in communicating their inner truth.


Length: 9 cm

Height: 5 cm

Depth: 6 cm

Includes MP3 guided meditation to connect to your Crystal Skull.

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