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Air Dragons Workshop: Let Go of Unnecessary Thinking & Trust Your Heart

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Recorded Audio Workshop Download available now

Channelled by Alphedia Arara this was one of the original Dragon workshops she was asked to bring forward. Still very healing and relevant for us all now.

Connect with the air dragons who can help you balance the air element within and support the mental body. In this workshop they help to purify and cleanse the mental body aspect of yourself.

The Air dragons came forth and asked to connect with you for they represent the air energies. As well as working with these dragons to help purify the air which is so vital for humanity to exist on the earth plane you also work with them to purify and cleanse your mental body aspect of yourself.

The air dragons are powerful healers of the mind and they can assist you in healing in your thought processing to assist you in letting go of negative thinking and shifting your mental body into a state of happiness, grace and acceptance.

The dragons in this workshop aid people to develop the connection between the heart and the brain and this workshop is of great importance for people who feel they are living in their heads rather than from their heart centred consciousness.

If thoughts go round and round in your head, the Air Dragons can help you to let go of unnecessary thinking and aid you in letting go of the need for your mind to be in control rather than trusting your heart.

The dragons will also facilitate you speaking truths from your deep subconsciousness of what you are ready to let go of at this time.

Here is a free recording of a channelled message from the Air Dragons through Alphedia:

Free channeling from the Air Dragons

In this workshop Alphedia channels guided meditations from the Air Dragons, cleaning and cleansing your chakras with the air dragon energy.

The dragons help with not only your soul’s growth but also Gaia in her development and helping cleanse the skies of chemtrails and other pollutants from factories, airplanes and accelerated global warming effects.

The Air dragon energy is a beautiful powerful energy that is very light.

You assist the Air Dragons in strengthening the leylines and activating the energy so that we can again walk through the leyline energy as we did in Atlantean times whereas at the moment we can only walk on it.

This workshop is a transformative workshop and participants went outside to meditate on the Berlinius Leyline to receive codes and symbols into their auras.

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