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Amazonite Crystal Skull

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This cheeky Amazonite skull will bring uplifting energy to any home. Here to support with heart healing and freeing from stuck emotions this skull is working to not only heal individuals but group collectives. Master Zenka is the title of this skull who is a facet the skull conclave carrying the divine blueprint template for the New Earth. Will aid guardian with writing, healing and earth activations. Very versatile skull in its healing abilities

Crystal Properties

Amazonite is a water element stone of harmony, both within the self and among people. It is a stone of truth and a peacemaker, helping you to communicate your true thoughts and feelings.It is an extremely soothing stone, calming the brain and nervous system. It helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies and alleviate worry and fear. It is great for blocking emfs and microwaves. Good for heart healing and manifesting universal love into action.


Length: 12 cm

Height: 7 cm

Depth: 8.5 cm

Weight 1.079 kg

Includes MP3 channelled guided meditation by Alphedia to connect to your new Crystal Skull.

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