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Anchoring the True Soul Self - Diamond Light Transmission

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Workshop date: 1 August 2019
Duration approximately: 1.5 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message available with this recording. Audio download available.

Archangel Metatron, in this powerful channeled guided meditation healing, takes you on a journey to anchor in the high vibration light of your true soul self through the new Human template form.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 1st August 2019.

This Super New Moon in Leo heralds in the end of the old Human template coinciding with Mercury retrograde ending and the Lions Gate portal being open.

Archangel Metatron has brought through his monthly Ascension report on what this astrological shift means for us as lightworkers:

This is free to listen to and share with others on this link.

Archangel Metatron in this powerful channelled guided meditation healing takes you on a journey to anchor in the high vibration light of your true soul self through the new Human template form.

This gives you the opportunity to shed old ways of being and to disconnect yourself fully from the old Human template.

This is a very high vibration transition that takes you to the Diamond Crystalline Light temple where you go through a Diamond archway.

At this point the angels and Archangel Metatron work on opening up your energy field and allowing your higher self consciousness to anchor fully into form.

There is a pool of wisdom which you sink into and receive healing.

Metatron gives you a percentage which tells you how much you are still connected to the old template matrix.

Once you have done work in this area, clearing it, shifting the fears and the blocks that keep you still stuck in the old patterning, you are then taken through to the Diamond room where he works off a faceted diamond in clearing your energy field and chakras, when you are ready this is placed into your solar plexus and it amplifies the power of the light within your vibratory field.

Through the transmission he is also working on your DNA and increasing your vibratory rate with the Diamond Light codes.

You are then taken to the Crowning room where you are gifted your crown of light.

He also presents you with a chalice in your soul star chakra which resides there to help you consciously move out of old patterned ways of being and thinking throughout this start of the full anchoring into the new Human template that opens up this New Moon.

You are also given a gift by yourself that will aid you on the next stage of your path, as well as being handed a quill and parchment to write your New Moon manifestations upon and to acknowledge what your higher self is wishing to create and express through you on Earth.

This is a high vibration transmission from Metatron culminating with a 20 minute powerful Gong Bath which will bring through the New Moon codes strongly for you, dissolve away any energies that you are carrying consciously or subconsciously that are not for your higher self.

This upgrade in your energy field will allow you to align with greater ease within the Diamond Light frequency and shine the true soul vibration of what you are.

This is moving us forward out of the intense eclipse period in July which may have brought up for you some challenges as the death throws of the old matrix were unravelling.

Know that this powerful New Moon healing transmission and ascension course will take you onto the next stage of your soul’s evolution supporting you in the coming months building up to the Winter Solstice in 2019.

As always Alphedia Arara is not just channeling the angelic light beings, but channeling the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls, the percussion and the crystal bowls as well as toning to help you with this deeply powerful soul healing opportunity that is offered to us.

We hope you enjoy this transmission as much as we did! We found it phenomenal and it gave us a massive shift in our energy fields.

Love to All, Auraengus and Alphedia Arara

Metatron’s Monthly Report August 2019

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Metatron known as the Angel of Ascension.

It is with true honour and joy I come forth to support you through this next stage of the Ascension journey.

The first of August marks the end of the Summer Eclipse portal, the New Moon in Leo, leading up to the Lions Gate opening on 8.8, brings forth the fire to bring in creative change.

With Mercury going retrograde, this completes the end cycle of the old template, the 3rd dimensional consciousness living on Earth.

Gaia has been going through her various ascension shifts to increase her vibratory frequency and for many of you this will have been a time of challenge, of endings and beginnings in the last three year period.

Some of you may still be struggling in some areas.

Now it is time for you to take responsibility, to look at what in the old template you’ve been unable, or unwilling, to transcend above.

For now it is time to fully transcend into your new higher Human template.

This will take practice, entrainment even, so that you become conscious in every moment, in every day.

The energies of this New Moon support you in moving into a place of responsibility, responsibility for self and when as a soul and as a lightworker on Earth you are able to understand and are willing to take action of being responsible then you take charge of life.

You do not drift along being affected by these shifts or others’ agendas.

You are actually moving into creation and Leo energies are perfect in firing you up to make the decisions that your soul is guiding you to.

Your higher template of consciousness is ready to be enacted, integrated and worked with.

This moon is all about bringing down the new template, anchoring it and activating it within you now.

This is not new to you for it is part of you, but it is new in terms of fully living this truth of yourself on the Earth plane.

This is an exciting opportunity, it is an opportunity for full integration, it is opportunity for you to allow others, and yourself, to acknowledge the true brilliance of your soul of light.

Now for many of you you resist change, maybe you disbelieve that this energy shift will affect you, but I wish you to know this is one of the reasons you came to Earth to experience this integration of the higher true non-ego self on the physical 3rd dimensional Earth plane.

There are very few opportunities for souls on Earth to integrate this into being and you have this opportunity now which many have returned to Earth for.

To experience this full integration alignment of the higher truth within.

This brings forth the activation start of the true Diamond self building up to the Full Moon when you begin the process of integration of Solar Diamond Light frequencies within.

This New Moon is allowing you this opportunity to shed everything that is inauthentic, that is uncomfortable and is no longer serving your higher frequency soul light.

It is a time to purge, dear ones, as well as a time to manifest the dreams into reality for your inner dreams are you souls longing and calling.

Some of you perhaps wish to be famous, some of you wish perhaps to be rich, some of you perhaps wish to be a writer, a teacher, a healer.

Every soul has what is there own wish, their desires.

But now you are not calling on these from the ego old template, 3rd dimensional self, you are calling on the true self identity.

You are ready now to be fully aligned with YOU.

And I Metatron offer you in this month the opportunity for this.

I will bring forth a transmission to support you in moving into anchoring into this higher aspect, utilising the new moon Leo energies, giving you an opportunity to be fully aware of where you are still egoically attached to the hold Human template.

For it is through illumination that you are able to awaken.

Sometimes souls on Earth require guidance to be able to see through the veils to the root of the challenge that is presented ahead.

I give you an invocation now that will help you throughout this month and remember I am always here to guide you. Adoni,”

Metatron’s Invocation

“I call upon the energies of Archangel Metatron to support me through this next New Moon cycle.

I call upon the energies of Leo and the fire to burn out the old template of Humanity from my vibratory field.

I am ready to embrace my higher truth template.

I am ready to allow my soul light to guide me, to trust it, and to follow it to bring me into this place of true soul bliss, contentment, and alignment.

I ask that everything that stands in my way, that is still connected with the old Human template, to be dissolved now so that I am ready to embrace the higher frequency energies that come forth from this point.

I am grateful for the love and support of my Guides and the Angelic realms and I ask you to bring now to me what is for my highest good. Namaste.”

  • Once you have said the invocation, and you can say this invocation daily, you just want to sit and close your eyes.
  • Taking a few deep breaths, you want to ask that your channels of communication through your higher intuition be open now.
  • You want to asks that you be grounded through your feet chakras deep into the energies of Mother Earth.
  • And you want to ask now to receive any wisdom that Archangel Metatron and your Guides are able to bring forth for you now.

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