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Ancient Tree Wisdom Workshop

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Assist in the reconnection of the Ancient Tree Wisdom of Scotland at this time, as requested by the Elf Queen.

The Elf Queen told Alphedia Arara to go to a certain Oak forest on the Scottish Island of Mull to meet The Queen of the Oaks who informed her that, although she is not a dryad tree spirit, she overseas the Oaks along with a King (male energy). Each species has a King and Queen overseeing their race because each species is an individual race just like humans have races.

The trees and the leylines are closely connected as the trees act as a sacred bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky.

  • In this workshop Alphedia teaches you how to communicate with Tree Spirits (the tree guardians) firstly attuning and clearing your chakras in meditation with the Dryad of the Oak.
  • Then you are attuned in the Tree Consciousness Ascension Spheres for you to have a healing and receive information on your soul’s path with regard to using the Tree Consciousness.
  • The afternoon was spent in Dawyck Botanic Gardens (the Tree Botanics of Scotland). Attendees meditated under the trees to receive sacred knowledge from them.
  • You learn about Tree Auras and practice sending healing to certain trees.
  • The Elf Queen guided us to where we were required to be to perform the reactivation of the Ancient Tree Wisdom, reconnecting the sacred trees and woods of Scotland.

If you are attracted to this course you are a key keeper of the Ancient Tree Wisdom returned at this time to bring the web of purity and light that the sacred trees hold, back into the land of the Emerald Isles. Detailed knowledge and information on how to do this on your own in guided localities is given.

Channeled Message from Queen of the Oaks

"I am here I have been waiting for your return this great day for I am the Queen of the Oaken Folk for as you know the Oak is a sacred tree indeed.

Oaks are the trees of wisdom and patience. Many have been inspired while sitting under Oaks of your clan but I wished to speak to you today about the activation ceremony you are performing a week on Saturday.

The Ancient Tree Celtic Wisdom has to be activated in time for the consciousness elevation that will occur at the portal opening on 21.12.12 those who are drawn to tree energy especially the Oaken energy will be guided to be part of this venue.

For as the Queen of the Oaken trees my role is to harness and gather the Oaken energy and to strengthen the Oaks around the globe.

Each tree is like you rightly described a human, it has a consciousness and an awareness and they are the keepers of the ancient celtic knowledge which is due to return to the planet at this time.

More and more of humanity will become enlightened about their roles on the earth and the greater scheme of things for we are but an experiment here on Gaia to remember our connection to the Divine through the layers that have been placed upon us which was in order to see whether you could handle duality but now on 21.12.12 duality disappears and the New Earth steps forward.

There is no need for the negativity that will continue for those who will stay part of the Old Earth but for those who are ready to bring the New Earth into being know what it is I speak of.

If you are struggling to comprehend this message your consciousness is struggling to catch up but do not be disheartened connect with trees and they will download the vibrations and codes you require in order for your soul to elevate to the place that you have an understanding of what is to happen after the portal opens.

Those who are still tied in to the negative spiral of the old earth this is your opportunity to embrace the love that is around that Gaia is willing to impart and to hold the enlightened conciseness of oneness to have the understanding that there is no difference between you as a human soul and the tree spirit within the tree as a soul for each part of nature is part of the Divine and we are all equal.

Compassion and heart centred consciousness is where we are moving to we are letting go of ego, greed, anger, hurt and once you have the comprehension that it is only your own ego that allows you to be distracted from this place of heart centred consciousness then you become elevated. You become part of the New Earth that is being prepared at this time for the shift.

Many lightworkers now are ready, are ready now to take up the mantel and there is enough of you now around the globe to open up the heart centres of those you connect with just with a kind word, by a show of compassion or just by changing somebodies thinking process that we are all safe and looked after and wealth, abundance, happiness and joy is available for all no mater what you have experienced in the past.

The trees are now offering this wisdom and light to humans who are ready to accept it. All you have to do is accept this healing that the trees can offer you.

At the Autumn Equinox tree power will be charged up and healing that can be given by the trees is profound.

Know each tree has an over arching King and Queen and you will be guided to the tree that is a keeper, that you are a keeper for in this incarnation many of you will have more than one keeper and will be key keepers for many trees in this incarnation. Be guided to the variety that seems to speak with you and know that this is the start of your individual soul healing process.

Be guided to the trees, connect with us and above all that we are love and you are love, open your heart centres and allow yourself to let go of that which stops you feeling the love receiving the love and being love. That is my message for your human race today I wish you well on your journey.

All of you, each one of you is unique and special. Go with the light, go to the trees we are here, we can help. Blessings to you all. So mote it be."
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