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(If you would like to be notified when spaces become available to book please email [email protected])

Due to the demand for personal channelings at this present time please allow up to one month to receive your Angel Forecast from Alphedia.

Alphedia Arara offers Angel Forecasts to assist you on your life path for the coming year.

Alphedia channels the higher realms and allows the Angels to speak through her to give you a direct message for your soul’s growth and insights for the year ahead.

Although the format of the channelings can sometimes vary, Alphedia brings through the main Angel who is working with you and you are given guidance for each quarter of the coming year. You also learn which other Angels are working with you and their wisdom and guidance for your soul growth, the crystals that are supporting you and any other beings who are guiding you at this time.

Angel Forecasts are around 10-15 minutes of direct talking from the Angel that comes forward for you. Alphedia will also speak after the channeling giving any other wisdom or information.

They are recorded in her Sacred Space at Glenholm Spiritual Centre and are emailed out to you as an MP3 recording.

You should receive your Angel Forecast within a month of purchasing.

If you wish to receive the recording on a CD please email us as an added charge for the CD and postage will be calculated.

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