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Angels of Abundance Full Moon Workshop

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The Angels of Abundance came forward to teach us about the vibration of generosity and how holding this vibration brings abundance to you ten fold.

This Full Moon meditation workshop is led by the Angel of Abundance who channeled through Alphedia Arara to help assist you with the energies of the moon cycle in December 2013. This moon was known as the Cold Moon and fell at 9.29am GMT. Tuesday 17th December.

The energies of this moon were about change and the opportunity for soul growth should you choose to take it.

When we are ungrateful we step out of the flow of abundance which negatively impacts in subtle and obvious ways in our lives.

The Angels of Abundance at this time wish to help assist us in carrying the vibration of generosity into every area of our lives and then help us to see how that attracts generous people and actions towards us.

True generosity comes from the heart centre, not the head where many of us find ourselves often around December with the stresses of the season.

The Angels of Abundance offer you the opportunity to change engrained behavioural patterning and thinking to allow you to manifest an abundant and healthy new year.

As humans we all have guardian angels around us. These angels are non denominational and are here to help us in our life path.

The Angels of Abundance are a group of angels that assist humanity in bringing the vibration of abundance onto the planet.

  • In this workshop Alphedia channels the Angels of Abundance, takes you on an exercise to look at areas of your life where you are being ungenerous towards yourself and others and then you go on a guided channeled meditation with the Angels of Abundance.
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