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Angels of Ascension New Year Full Moon Workshop

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In this Full Moon the Angels of Ascension prepare your energy holographic matrixes to bring down the new 2018 Ascension Codes and help you assimilate the energies of this New Year.

The first full moon of 2018 is the largest Super Moon of the year, in the sun sign of Cancer, 2.24am GMT 2nd January in UK.

  • The Angels of Ascension channel live through Alphedia Arara and then lead you on a self realisation exercise to look at what this New Year holds for you, what you wish to manifest, and how your Ascension as a soul is going.
  • You are then lead on a powerful, channeled live, guided meditation by the Angels of Ascension to help you connect to the energies of this New Year of 2018 and also bring forward soul healing as well as guidance on the areas of your life to look at at this time and where you wish to go in the year ahead.
  • As always the healing journey is supported with sound healing through singing bowls, percussion, drum and toning.

As you move into this eleven year, its fast track of energy means that your soul has the opportunity in this year to delve deeper into the heart to allow you a clearer connection with the Divine Creator and to feel more confident in your work here on Earth at a soul level.

As part of the workshop we will also offer an earth healing session for Mother Gaia and all her elemental friends who allow us to live here on Earth at this exciting time.

Channeled Message from the Angels of Ascension

Greetings, we are delighted and honoured to come forth to support you with the anchoring of the 2018 light codes that are heralded in through this Super Moon.

The energy of this moon will be the strongest moon in 2018, the closest to the earth and maximising healing potential.We will take you to the Ascension Temple to receive healing on a deep soul level from the Angelic Realm.

We will work on your chakra system but also on your Auric Field of Light.An extra layer can be accessed now Mother Gaia is preparing for the turn of her Merkaba Wheel on the 12th of January and this means that you are able to activate a further layer of your holographic matrix held within your Auric Field.

This layers’ activation will allow for a swifter crystallisation of your physical body. This is a process that began at 21/12/12 and is allowing you to refine your energy frequency and signature.

For every human has a song, a note, a frequency associated with them, the more refined your frequency the more in line with pine Will you are, the more energy you have and the more your life flows with ease and in pine Accord.

We will work in aiding you in the refinement of your energy signature, we will bring through messages about what to focus on at this time in your clearing and healing to facilitate further refinement.

We will also give you wisdom and information on the year ahead.We will tell you the main vibration your soul is seeking to carry and vibrate at in 2018, you will then be able to shift any energies that are holding this back.

We will take you into the manifestation room to power up your manifestation energies to bring into reality your true soul hearts desire.This will be offering a great balm to your soul, an exciting upgrade to your energy system, and also wisdom for the path ahead.

We are excited to bring forth this transmission and to help you maximise the benefits of this moon at its fullest. It is a privilege always, namaste.”
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