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Archangel Metatron Walkin Workshop 1

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Alphedia Arara introduces you to Archangel Metatron's energy and he teaches about the spiritual concept called a Walkin. A Walkin is when a highly evolved soul takes over the physical body of another soul.

Archangel Metatron is an angel who is helping lightworkers on their ascension path. He oversees the spiritual development of souls who are here with an important mission of assisting with humanities conscious elevation towards higher vibrations and awareness.

He helps with spiritual motivation, understanding and with the new children incarnating onto earth at this time. He specialises in sacred geometry and esoteric awareness.

Alphedia Arara herself is a walkin and inhabits the body of a person who was born Fiona Murray.

Walkins have occurred throughout the ages, but a dramatic increase in walkins have occurred on the earth in the last ten years as more light was required on the planet to help with the 21/12/12 energy portal opening.

Many walkins have difficulty adjusting to the new body and also dealing with the karma and characteristics of the old soul.

  • In this workshop, Metatron answers questions about walkins, including assisting those who think, or know, they are a walkin or those who wish to learn how to help walkin clients.
  • In this workshop, you go on a channeled guided meditation with Metatron to open and clear your chakras, using Metatron’s cube.
  • He takes you on a guided meditation to find out if you are a walkin and to receive information on this.
  • Alphedia takes you on an Archangel Metatron Ascension Sphere attunement.
  • Metatron will also perform healing to integrate you if you are a walkin and tell you how much in body you are and how much karma you have yet to clear with the previous soul.

Other channeled information was given on the day including a question and answer session with Metatron.

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