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Archangel Michael - Healing and Safety Meditation

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Archangel Michael wishes to assist us with the vibration of feeling safe at this time of great change on planet Earth.

In this monthly meditation Archangel Michael who is known as the Angel of Protection as well as spiritual growth came forward to assist us with our healing..

Alphedia Arara channels Archangel Michael and also channels a meditation from him.

Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

Greetings, I am delighted to have this opportunity to bring through healing for lightworkers at this time.

In this meditation I will assist you to heal at a deep soul level with all the changes that are occurring on planet Earth in the physical as well as in the spiritual realms. Many of you at this time after feeling unsafe whether you are aware of this consciously or unconsciously.

Now the energies of 2015 are about love, love for the self but also self-sovereignty. Humanity has developed structures within your societies in order to aid people in feeling safe. Now these structures have a purpose of taking away self-sovereignty. When you are in your power you know you are safe, you are loved and you are protected at all times.

The fear programming that was placed into humanity at the fall of Atlantis is now being lifted for those who are being moved into the fifth dimensional reality.

The fifth dimensional reality is a place of love, peace and harmony, you drop out of the ego state of fear and therefore once you have removed the fear programming from within your DNA structures – which I will aid within this meditation – you live in a world without it.

Your mainstream media feeds on the fear vibration, hence your main news topics are about crimes and wars, and your Government propaganda is all about safety. It is all about stopping change and at this time many many souls are being affected by this programming that is around them, whether you are feeling unsafe as a soul existing on planet Earth at this time or whether you are unconscious that this programming is within you.

In this meditation I will work with your Guardian Angel and your other guides to assist you in moving out of the fear based programming so that you are fully able to harness the new era of love that is entering onto the planet in 2015.

On this day I am channeling this message 12.12.14 the highest frequency light that humanity has been able to embody known as the light of the Christ consciousness comes onto the planet and it has already arrived.

This brings with it a massive shift for all souls wither they are conscious or unconscious and the healing meditation that I bring forward will assist you in being able to anchor and harness this light more fully.

This light allows you to gain self-sovereignty and to be your own master. Once you are in a place of self-sovereignty you remember your guides are around you and can be called upon any time to assist you with protection and you remember that you are part of the whole and that any experience you are experiencing in your life, your soul has manifested this.

Now if you are at a lower level of consciousness you may be confused by that statement but those who are ready will have the conscious understanding that everything that is brought into your life is a mirror and you are never presented with a situation that your soul is unable to handle.

Each soul before incarnation chooses situations to experience for soul growth however they manifest and play out, whatever situation you are in always sit and ask for guidance and to be shown the higher purpose.

I will work in this meditation to help prepare you for the changes that are coming in 2015 and to help you feel safe and secure in who you are, to help you know more fully who you are and how special you are. So for those of you with low self-worth this meditation can aid you in starting to love yourself and starting to see that you are worthy.

I look forward to bringing through this healing light. Namaste. Namaste.”
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