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Arcturian Central Nervous System Healing Workshop

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Support for your body's central nervous system during DNA upgrades from Earth activations

In this transmission workshop from our friends the Star Beings from Arcturus:

  • Alphedia Arara channels them live to assist us with our personal healing journey at this time.
  • The Arcturians channel live on the day messages of wisdom.
  • You are attuned to their frequency and receive healing in the Arcturian Ascension spheres.
  • You are taken on a meditation to meet an Arcturian guide who is here to support you through the energy shifts of the next few months.
  • You then go into deep meditation as Alphedia channels an hours transmission from them where you will journey to the healing chamber in Arcturus for your brain and CNS healing and morphic field clearing work.
  • The workshop ends with a balancing and harmonising healing from Alphedias’ Arcturian Clear Quartz Crystal skull to help you integrate the upgrade shifts.

Alphedia herself is an incarnate Arcturian called to Earth to support the Planetary Ascension as a Channel for the many different realms and a powerful Earth Healer.

Arcturian Channeling through Alphedia Arara

Greetings, greetings, greetings,I am Sunat Kumara, High Commander of the Arcturian’s engagement with humanity.

I come forth at this time to support you and your bodies’ central nervous system as you go through the DNA upgrades brought about through the Diamond Light Code activations on Earth.

Physically what is occurring is your DNA codes are releasing to you inner wisdom that was locked due to the veils of illusion all souls who incarnate onto Earth experience.

As you are aware, the veils are lessening allowing you to have recall more easily of the truth of life on Earth, of the truth of your own souls’ progress and an awareness of the karma you are here to complete.

As you step out of your timelines you grow new neurological pathways which as humans you do daily anyway if you keep your mind active.

We Arcturians are advanced Light Healers. We brought the hand healing technique known to you as Reiki on to the planet to assist you in spiritually awakening, remembering you are more than your physical self.And now with this transmission of healing we wish to bring forth for you we wish to assist you with creating new neurological pathways in the brain to help communication with the Star Races easier for you.It is important for you now to start to work with your Star Race brethren.

Many of you are Star Seeds incarnate onto the Earth, or are remembering your traits from your home star or planet.Know that we Arcturians are advanced light body technicians and we wish to support you with your light body upgrade to help you have fuller awareness of your reality.We are working in conjunction with the Sirians to support you at this time.

The Sirians will be preparing your pineal glands in order to support the creation of these new neurological pathways feeding into your endocrine system. We will be supporting you in connecting you with an Arcturian guide who is willing to aid you in your navigation of the energy shifts over the next three month period on Earth.

We also wish to support you in the further removal of veils that keep you as a soul asleep whilst on the Earth walk.This will allow you clearer knowledge and understanding of the different fields of energy that your holographic matrix manifests through.

These fields of light we will be focusing on in this healing transmission will be what is known as the morphic field of Sovereignty, Generosity and Decay.

These three morphic fields are the ones we see most distorted within the human holographic form.

We will be working on human consciousness and deprogramming you from interferences from other off-world races.In this transmission we will be supporting you in coming fully in to your Divine Power without these illusion veils.

For many of you this will dramatically improve your physical health as well as mentally.

Know we offer our service to you in joy and light we will bring through overlay toning of sound to help your brain open up a new chamber of knowledge.

There is a reason in the past the human skull was elongated. This part shrunk to the human brain you have now but know that knowledge can still be accessed.

Remember dear ones you are here on Earth on a Soul Mission. Each one of these missions is different but ultimately you are seeking fulfilment.

2019 sees a completion year for humanity before you start on the next evolution journey as a race.

Only those who have done the work will be ready for this completion and to start the new cycle.

The Intergalactic Council have asked we, in the star races, to help support you with this so that in 2020 a new stage begins.

As always it is a privilege for me, Sanat Kumara, to come forth and offer my many blessings and gratitude to you all, Adoni.”


"Thank you so much Alphedia for my message. Just what I needed to hear!! I am staggered when I realize how rapidly the year has passed! I have asked Auraengus for info on the food state minerals and vitamins:) Thank you so much Alphedia and thank you to the Arcturians for my healing, clearing and temple, I am humbled." Margot, Scotland

"Just to give you some feedback from the message / answer of the Arcturian Guide! That was so amazing, I am so happy, honored to work with them again...and already bought the Tom Kenyon book (THANK YOU) and I am loving it so much! Than you again for amazing work and service!" Sara, Portugal

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