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Arcturian Starbeing Roslin Glen Workshop

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In this exciting workshop we work with the energy of Arcturian Starbeings who have great wisdom and knowledge on earth to offer us at this time.

  • Alphedia worked with Tibetan singing bowls, the sacred heart drum and percussion instruments to bring through sound codes.
  • She takes you to the Star Gate Portal, also the location of one of the Sun Disks of the world, as well as to the secret location where an Arcturian spaceship is currently residing.
  • You are taken on guided meditations, work with an Arcturian aura spray and receive personal messages.
  • You will experience an Arcturian Starbeing Ascension Sphere attunement on the Rose Line, also known as the Mary Magdalene leyline.

This is an opportunity like no other here on earth from the Arcturians as they bring through new wisdom for Earth healers, Light workers and Starbeings at this time.

The workshop was channeled live by Alphedia Arara and was supported by the Elementals and Angels.

Channeled Message from Arcturian Starbeings

Greetings, we are the Arcturians and we are great friends of Planet Earth. We are your protectors and we helped oversee the safety of Planet Earth.

We are enlightened beings of 5th dimensional to 10th dimensional consciousness who are currently residing in a space ship that has recently arrived in Roslin Glen.

As the planet earth is increasing its vibration, more Arcturian space ships have been sent to earth to assist humanity in stepping out of the veils of illusion.

We have chosen to reside in Roslin Glen because of the star gate portal and sun disk that is also in existence here.

This is an intergalactic stellar portal that allows direct communication with star beings.

This portal which was activated last year by Alphedia and fellow Earth healers with the Crystal Skull Conclave, is of 8th dimensional consciousness and experiencing this energy will allow you to move forward more swiftly on your sacred mission here on earth.

Increasing your energy frequency, increasing your healing capacity and also your own personal physical healing.

We Arcturians would like to offer in this workshop the opportunity to be taken into the de-elimination chamber to be removed of further Annunaki veils of off world implants that are manifesting as physical pain for you, but also keeping you trapped in third dimensional thinking.

You will also get the opportunity to be shown your path ahead and how working with the Arcturians can assist you with this.

Sanat Kumara, our commanding officer, will also bring through a meditation and a personal message for each one participating on their journey ahead.

Working in this sacred space will allow you to receive codes to assist you in refining your energy field more fully. You will be able to increase your telepathic communication with star beings as well as being able to open parts of your brain which are laying dormant.

Your science only knows a fraction of what the brain is capable of and is now time for many of you to switch on your galactic antennas. We will support you in your mission to help you increase in energy vibration and to make communication with star beings more refined and easier.”
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