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This is an Arcturian Transmission Channeled by Alphedia Arara on 4th November 2019

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are the consciousness of the Arcturian Starbeings. We are descended from the star Arcturus that is within your galaxy.

We have been monitoring and assisting Humanity for a long time, protecting you and aiding you through our light technology in awakening to return to the light.

The reasons that we Arcturians are coming forward more and more is that many of you are remembering now your Starseed wisdom. Many of you are remembering experiencing Ascension in different star civilisations.

We Arcturians have never dropped to the vibrational frequency that you are in now. We have remained at our lowest at 5th dimensional consciousness rising up to full Oneness which means that we detach from individualisation of identity, but the reason we are coming forward at this point is to ask Humanity now to hear the call to remember the frequencies that can assist you with healing.

We are here to help illuminate for you that which has been kept hidden, those memories that have been kept dormant, inaccessible. For the collective mass of Humanity is still one of slavery, conformity and fear.

But now millions of lightworkers have been transmitted to Earth, some it is the first incarnation, others you have had many, many lifetimes in this karmic wheel. But now the timelines are dissolving and these dissolve further at the 11.11 moment 2019.

We are asking you to prepare yourselves in order to assist the whole of Humanity on this day for the sifts that are to be accessible if enough are holding the light. In order to awaken your illuminated heart you have to first trust that we are working in unison with you on behalf of Divine Source.

There has been a lot of conditioning within Humanity about communicating with extra terrestrial beings. We find this entertaining.

The methods that have been used to bring forth deception that you are unable to connect with consciousness, for you are all consciousness, you are all transmitting frequencies and vibrations and once you are remembering this it is your choice whether to continue to emit those frequencies and vibrations that are not bringing you joy, that are keeping you miserable, scared, worried and upset.

We bring forth this short transmission now to remind you of your choice of thought forms, choice of reaction, for at some point the ego grip must rescind. Are you ready to rescind the ego grip now? are you ready to let go of the reasons why you are holding on to the unclosed timelines?

You have a window of opportunity, always within the scorpio astrological sign, to do this deep inner work, to close off the timelines and to support you as you head on to the creation of the new Earth, the new chapter.

For some of you it is disbelief that this Nirvana will come, this Garden of Eden but know it is coming and it is coming fast for those who are ready to embrace it, who are ready to stand in their power and are ready to work with the energies.

We Arcturians are trying to awaken thousand and thousands of those souls who are ready but unaware. We are your allies, your friends and we wish for more to commune with us, support us and acknowledge us.

In always joy and light, we make these connections. Adoni."