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Atlantean Dragons Workshop: Awaken your true Divine Gifts & Break through Limitations

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Workshop date: 28 January 2017
Duration approximately: 4.5 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message available with this recording, audio download available

This workshop is now available on audio MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 28th January 2017 .

The powerful Atlantean dragons come forward as key allies to those who were incarnate during the fall of Atlantis. Work with the Atlantean Dragons to free you of any residual darkness from Atlantis.

The Atlantean Dragons are powerful Tenth Dimensional Beings of Light and offer to be of service to aid you in the full awakening to your true Divine gifts and break through limitations through channelled live meditations, attunements, teachings and holographic matrix healings.

The Atlantean Dragons helped to kickstart the energies of 2017 to let go of all these blocks and to free you from off world alien agenda of keeping you prisoner in the lower dimensions.

As souls you have all come to Earth to experience and express your highest soul potential to hold the most light that you can hold within your holographic energy matrix.

Through this comes a state of great bliss and joy.

Alphedia Arara is an experienced Dragon Initiate, healer and channel and holds a powerful energetic space for you all to access any time you are ready, as the Atlantean Dragons call us forth to birth the New Us, the New You and this New Temple of Light hosted by Gaia, Mother Earth.

Channelled Message from the Atlantean Dragons

“Greetings, we come forward as the collective consciousness known as the Dragons of Atlantis.

The reason we come forth at this auspicious time is that many of you Dragon Keepers were incarnate during the time period on earth known as Atlantis.

Now, in Atlantis there were seven experiments culminating in what was known as the Golden Era, when humanity was able to live in physical form at its highest consciousness.

Many of you are awakening remembrances of this time but many of you are still traumatised by events that occurred on Atlantis when the energy of the experiment started to fall, when interference came forth from off world beings who did not have your highest intent at heart.

And this is why we come forth at this time because we are protectors of then Earth. We as a consciousness have lain dormant until time on Earth was ready for our frequency to return.

And in this workshop what we wish to do is to reawaken you, those great souls of Atlantis, to your heights.

Many of you have karma that is processing, and as transmuters of energy we are key and powerful allies to aid you with this work.

The first part of the workshop will be a clearing process, working with our energies to free you of any residual darkness from this time of Atlantis.

We will then attune you to our frequency light. We will upgrade any crystalline dragons you are guardian of in a crystal skull dragon healing.

Although it is not necessary to have a dragon skull to partake of this course, should you become a guardian at a later date, your skulls will receive the upgrade from you, for you will hold the codes within your holographic matrix.

We will then perform three attunements which will help you in the upgrading of your energy system.

The first one will be called the Cumulative Antennae Activation
. Now what this will cover is the collective consciousness of humanity however it will only affect those who established high enough evolution in Atlantis. All of you who are drawn to partake of this workshop have reached the required level or you would not have noticed this course. We will refine that antennae.

The second attunement and activation will be called the Divine Matrix Alteration
. This will be a Holographic Upgrade of such power that your chakras will alter totally.

Those of you that have been struggling with your psychic communication, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance will find that the barriers start to drop away, making sixth sense communication towards the Dragon Realm and other Elemental Realms in particular much easier.

And the third one will be Divine Blueprint of the New Dawn Activation
. Now as the Dragon Realm has transformers and transmuters we will be shifting the blocks within your holographic matrixes that have been stopping your full access to this blueprint.

We will also take you on meditations to meet Guardian Dragons
from the Atlantean Era who will help you remember the gifts and the knowledge you had from this time.

We will also perform soul realignment
as many of you have splintered off soul fragments or fractiles which you are ready to have return. That is very advanced magic that we are offering to perform upon you.

As we reside with tenth dimensional consciousness even during Atlantis our vibration was only accessed by the few Dragon Initiates who could hold our high frequency light.

This will be a massive energetic upgrade to your energy system
and the benefits of working with us will be:

- Increased health as you will be protected from the lower energy vibrations.
- Greater access to Divine Spiritual esoteric knowledge and secrets.
- Fuller access to your Sixth sense, gifts and communications.

In the last part of this course
we will work on protecting you from off world nephritic energies. We will place shields of Light around you.

We will remove from you Alien implants
, thought forms, and conditioning, that began to occur with the interference of the Annunaki who have infiltrated the DNA of humanity through failed Atlantean experiments.

The reptilian agenda which was brought down to Earth
and is causing much distress at this point in time, for many of you Light Workers without you even knowing this.

The greys who feed off of misery, fear, depression and low self worth.

The red rays
whose agenda is disturbance and also the blues whose agenda is to shut down the new children being birthed onto the Earth, and many of you partaking of this course are here to protect the new light, work with the new children, the star seeds, the rainbows, the petal, the crystal children.

So it will be a very complex course in terms of the energy, but we will be bypassing your third dimensional brain consciousness. You will be placed into a sacred energy space that will allow you this opportunity of alteration

We bring forth with great urgency this information and we will also channel for you personal information about where you are at.

Know that this will be a powerful energy upgrade and it is with great joy that we are ready to return to communicate with humanity- well done for having achieved this level of consciousness. Namaste, adonai.”

Please note: There is no personal message available with this recording

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