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Atlantean Healing Workshop

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Workshop date: 28 January 2018
Duration approximately: 5 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message available with this recording. Audio download available.

The angels and the crystal skull conclave wish to assist you in receiving healing on the trauma from the fall of Atlantis that the majority of humans carry within their DNA memory bank.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 28th January 2018.

In this workshop Alphedia channels the Angels of Atlantis and the Crystal Skull Consciousness to assist with Atlantean Healing.

The Atlantean epoch saw a time of great spiritual evolution and growth for humanity. Many people experienced spiritual feats in physical form that are incomprehensible for us today.

Many techniques such as Atlantean hand healing, crystal technology and physic abilities are being re-awakened now in our dormant consciousness.

The fall of Atlantis happened very dramatically, many souls were corrupted and terrorised as the land mass became submerged.

Many people are gripped by the fear vibration and also loss from this time.

  • In this workshop you connect with the Angels of Atlantis who support you through meditations, attunements, crystal skull healing and visualisations to remove the memories from your DNA bank.
  • You will in particular work upon removing the trauma from your cellular memory bank.
  • This will also support your whole monadic soul group and your evolution going forward.
  • You will access memories of powerful healing you did as an Atlantean, and also reclaim back any organ parts which were genetically experimented upon.

Alphedia Arara’s Atlantasite crystal skull works on removing any distortion from your Divine Blueprint.

At the fall of Atlantis, many souls were corrupted and distorted energetically. The Atlantasite crystal skull works to remove this distortion and to help you be fully in alignment with your true Divine Blueprint as a soul in a Human Divine Blueprint matrix at this time.

You also work on advancing your DNA strands to the 36 strands available during the Atlantean time epoch.

Many of you are working on the 12 strands of DNA, so this will be a massive upgrade for your energy system.

This is a powerful channelled workshop and tailored to the collective energies of those who take part in person or distantly.

Dragons of Atlantis

The Dragons of Atlantis work on supporting the dissolution of any distressing memories and karma that is still requiring to complete from the Atlantean epoch for you, working with their transmutational powers and aligning you with divine wholeness.

This is an exciting opportunity to release a further layer of a timeline that is affecting you as a soul in your spiritual growth and your life’s development at this time.

No previous experience of working with the Atlantean energies is necessary, as you will each receive what is required for you personally being part of this workshop.

Channelled message from the Atlantean Angels

Greetings, it is with great privilege that we come forth. The energies of 2018 offer the opportunity for a fast track in your spiritual understanding and evolution.

You are ready to reclaim the memories of who you are, and the talents and the gifts that you had during your many incarnations as an Atlantean.

The Atlanteans knew that as the consciousness of Atlantis started to fall, they required to protect the knowledge that they had. They handed this knowledge to the crystal skull conclave, knowing that the skulls would reappear when humanity was ready to reclaim their Atlantean wisdom.

Know that all of you who are skull guardians have been called to be them in order to assist with this return of Atlantean wisdom. It is stored within the consciousness of the Crystal Skull Conclave.

This workshop will help you to activate your own crystal skulls and to activate and to receive a healing from the skull conclave to allow you to journey with them, to reclaim the memories that are relevant for you in this current timeline.

Know that your soul will feel a great release as the trauma of your Atlantean selves is sent to the light.

You will also receive deep healing on any genetic modification that occurred for you and is affecting your holographic matrix now.

We will also teach you an Atlantean healing technique whereby you connect with the plant consciousness and the trees and bring through energy, this is called the Diamond Light Consciousness Codes, and these are ready to be reactivated again on Earth.

Know this workshop will assist many of you who have returned to process the trauma from the land as well as human consciousness from the Atlantean experiment and to return the knowledge of living in higher dimensional consciousness and in harmony.

Know that the Golden Age of Atlantis is one of the greatest highs in the Divine Spiritual Experiment and yet many of you are too fearful to access and reclaim that Atlantean part of yourself because of events that occurred that were traumatic for you.

We are allowing you this opportunity to be set free and to stand in your full power of truth once again. Tis a privilege, as always, Namaste.”
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