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Awakening the Light Within - Beginning of Trinitisation

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Meditation journey beginning the Trinitisation Process - the balancing of the female and male aspect within you - with Archangel Uriel and Archangel Tzaphkiel.

These powerful Archangels channel live on the night through Alphedia Arara, who will also be channeling the singing bowls, drum and percussion as well as voice work, to bring through the codes and the frequencies and the healing energy to support you on this next upgrade and healing of your energy fields.

Every month, Alphedia Arara channels the angels to support you at this time on Earth.

No experience of working with the angels is required, or even meditation, as you are lovingly guided and supported through Alphedia Arara, who has been facilitating and channeling the angels to assist with healing for 11 years now.

Channeling from the Archangels Uriel and Archangel Tzaphkiel

Greetings, greetings, greetings dear ones,

We come forth together as a representation of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to support you on the next stage of your Ascension journey.

Through this healing hour meditation transmission we will be supporting you, bringing balance to the female and the male aspect, and helping you to awaken to the light within you.

This meditation begins the process for many of you of the trinitisation that will be occurring in 2019 and 2020. This will support you in moving more fully into being in expression of the light within.

Currently you live within the duality still, but as Gaia upgrades her template you have the opportunity, should you choose now, to start the process of the connection of Divine Unity within.

In this meditation we will take you to our Healing Ashram. I, Tzaphkiel, the Cosmic Mother, will be supporting you, healing any imbalances within the Divine Feminine aspect of yourself. I Archangel Uriel, the Angel of inspiration and Earth shifts will be supporting you in healing the Divine Masculine within.

Many of you are still shifting lower vibrations of the ego within each of these aspects of the self, and these must be shifted in order for you to begin your trinitisation process of the unity within and living fully in unity consciousness next year.

Know that as you harness this light within, you will start to become aware of where your soul is being held back with energies that are no longer compatible with vibrational shifts that are occurring on Earth at this time.

Perhaps you hold frustration, the Divine Masculine effect. Perhaps you hold disappointment from the Divine Feminine. Whatever the emotional vibrations that you are holding, consciously or unconsciously within these inner aspects of yourself, we offer to assist you with healing them, reconciling them and transforming them into the loving cosmic one-ness of all.

As you connect with the cosmic consciousness, for some of you this will be perhaps the first experience of connecting with your cosmic consciousness, of one-ness.

This will bring a deep fulfilment to your soul, that many of you are crying out for at this time.

Know that if you are feeling at all in any way stressed, out of balance, unloved, unsupported, confused, indecisive, frightened, fearful, or angry, we will be aiding you in releasing these vibrations. With the dismantlement of the karmic template in August, a lot of these, if not all of these emotions are ready to be processed through the connection with cosmic light within.

You can all access this cosmic light, yet few choose consciously to do so on a daily basis. We will provide you with a framework to be able to connect quickly and instantly to the cosmic light consciousness within.

As you read these words, or hear them, many of you are triggering memories that have been lying dormant within yourselves of this great event that is occurring.

For thousands of years humanity as been seeking to return to this Cosmic Consciousness Of Light.

This will offer you all as souls an opportunity to fast track on your Ascension Path, it will allow you to work with this light, to bring in Divine Inspiration, Wisdom And Knowledge.

Know that you are supported in all ways.

And although this time on Earth is intense, your rebirth process starts next year and we are all in the higher realms, willingly, lovingly, gladly, supporting those who ask for our assistance in creating this New Dawn within and on Mother Earth, to allow you the opportunity to experience this exquisite and wondrous experience of connecting to this Cosmic Light Within.

Now that Gaia is being prepared for her upgrade, you are also the beneficiaries of this experience.

It is in Divine gladness and joy we bring this offer to you.

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