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Awakening the Third Eye Chakra Workshop

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The third eye chakra has been shut down for many various incarnations and now we have the opportunity on Earth to upgrade it, to open it fully, to enhance our intuitive abilities.

Alphedia Arara was asked by the Archangel Raziel, known as the Angel of Alchemy and Transformation together with Ascended Master Lord Sananda and Ascended Master Djwal Khul to bring forth this powerful healing of the third eye chakra for us all at this time.

The third eye chakra is associated with our ability to see into the other realms and dimensions and to see clearly within us and to communicate visually with Source. It is also known as the chakra of karma and past life portal access.

In this course we work with the deities to further close off and heal any timelines that no longer serve, to release you out of duality consciousness as well as the dissolvement of any ego fear aspects.

Through channelings, attunements, guided meditations, sound healings as well as breath work, your third eye chakra will experience a full upgrade allowing you to receive higher dimensional light code frequencies.

They spend a lot of time on healing manifestations that are caused from third eye blockages that may be playing out for you.

Classic symptoms of third eye blockages are eyesight problems, neurological disturbances, headaches, confusion, learning difficulties, dyslexia, blocked second sight.

They work on the pituitary gland and the pineal gland to help you see multidimensionally.

There is a meditation to move you out of full duality consciousness and into multi dimensional conscious living.

As always Alphedia Arara supports you through this experience to take you to the next stage of your own spiritual evolution with joy, love and light,

Channeled Message from Archangel Raziel

Greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Raziel. I am known as the Alchemy Angel and I have come forward with the Ascended Masters Lord Sananda and Djwal Khul to offer you this upgrade to your Ajna chakra.

This chakra is located within the brow, just above the physical eyes, and it is the chakra of knowing, seeing, intuition.

It is the female chakra, the yin chakra. So you may wonder why three masculine deities have come forth to bring forward this healing upgrade?

We see that it is an imbalance within the masculine that is blocking the second sight, the third eye knowing, in many.

Now that the Resurrection codes have been released, making them accessible for all, it is time for those lightworkers dedicated to the Ascension way to upgrade the vibrations of this chakra.

The benefits of not only balancing the third eye chakra, as we shall be doing with you, but also enhancing your ability to see clearly the path ahead.

Now to fully awaken your third eye chakra you must transcend your consciousness beyond duality.

Separating oneself from the egoic ‘I’, letting identifications go with the pain body, conditioning of society and returning inwards to see yourself clearly, non-judgmentally, lovingly and kindly.

In this course we will work with you, not only in upgrading the third eye chakra, releasing you from timelines that are still open and playing out for you, but also aiding you in seeing any attachments you are still carrying towards the old paradigm matrix way of being.

In this course we will take you to the third eye centre within the Earth in the land known now as Afghanistan. You will enter the third eye chakra portal. Here you will be correlated with the frequency of Mother Earth’s third eye chakra.

This will recalibrate your third eye chakra and support you in letting go of fears of spiritual expansion of sight.

You, if you are drawn to be reading these words, are ready for this great expansion of spiritual knowing and receptivity in through your pituitary gland.

Now the pituitary gland is the Master gland and we will work with you on this gland and the pineal.

For many of you it is the pituitary gland that is sluggish, out of balance and is requiring energetic upgrade and healing.

We will work with you through meditations, visualisations, crystalline transmissions to support you in opening your clairvoyance and your intuition.

The third eye chakra is the key chakra to assist you at this time for the creation of the new Earth templates.

Those who are on the timeline harness the new Earth codes which will open up on 21.12.20 fully.

The coming year is the year of preparation and for you all to fully see into the timeline reality creations of your manifestations you require a charged up and powered third eye chakra.

The Resurrection is bringing in the shedding aspect, the dismantlement of the old constructed, outmoded way of being and seeing reality.

In essence, we will assist you with the creation of new eyes. Really what we are doing is pulling back further veils in order that you can see clearly and understand intuitively spiritual expansion of consciousness that is accessible and available to those who are ready to embark on this journey.

Now the third eye chakra is where the Earthly duality ends, where the yin and yang become whole, the marriage of opposites allowing the manifest and un-manifest to emerge.

What occurs within this chakra is the awakening of the Golden Light energy through the Christed light codes.

Many of you are on the path of the inner Christ.

This is the path of Oneness alignment with Divine love, the understanding of the unification within.

Lord Sananda will bring through a transmission to support this process and Master Djwal Khul has come forth as one that has been through the third eye awakening whilst on the Earth plane.

Are you ready for this expansion of spiritual knowledge, growth and understanding?

Are you ready to step further into your Divine destiny, to open your clairvoyance, to see with clear sight?

We are delighted to be able to bring forth this transmission healing workshop, to upgrade the third eye chakra and to heal the imbalance that may be manifesting.

We look forward to connecting with you this way. Namaste.”
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