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Awakening to your Authentic Star Nature Workshop

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Workshop date: 19 August 2020
Duration approximately: 3 hrs
Please note: There is no personal messsage. Audio & Video download available.

Join the Sirian and Orion Star Beings as they work deeply on your energy field and help you remember your true star nature.

This workshop is now available on Video & MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

This course was recorded at a new moon as this was the powerful portal to bring the channeling through. You can listen any time to the recording and go back into the portal for the powerful experience.

Workshop took place 19th August 2020.

To support you through the Leo New Moon, Alphedia Arara channels the Sirian and Orion star beings. These powerful starbeings have been assisting humanity since the beginning of our race on Earth. This new moon energy in Leo, which occurred at 03:42 BST on the 19th of August is participating the awakening of the Christ Consciousness Light in the lower chakras and processing the merging of Heaven on Earth through our bodies now.

The Lion’s Gate portal opened us up to more spiritual freedoms, awakened us more to our cosmic Christ within and this New Moon births the return to our authentic star self. The cosmic life forces, awakening the Christ Codes within our DNA are heralding in the opportunity to assimilate this high frequency light within the physical body, allowing us to recognise, remember and return to our original star nature, as we all awaken to remembering that we are all born of the stars. The intensity of the light means that grounding and self care essential for us to cope with the immensity of light that is building up within our light bodies. Many are becoming over stimulated by electromagnetic frequencies, frying the central nervous system and depleting the immune system.

The Sirians and Orion star beings not only wish to help you remember your true star natures/ essence, who you truly are, but also support you through boosting your immune system in this new moon transmission. As all this kinetic energy life force is awakening and creating new neural pathways to assist us to ascend into the Christed Light frequency, we are also awakening and activating the consciousness of humanity for the changes that are occurring this new moon in the Uranian energies which are preparing for great collective consciousness shifts on a global level. In essence sorting and re-ordering to align us all to the new timelines of the Earth.

The old artificial matrix is dissolving further, along with it the old timelines, and this New Moon is heralding in the further dissolution of the false matrix. The energies of this new moon postceding the Lion’s Gate portal are, through the Sirian alignment on 08.08, giving you the opportunity to not only step further out of the false matrix, but also the Leo energies bringing forth the solar ascension codes from Sirius, to unlock the next level of the planetary blueprint for evolution.

In this transmission, the Sirians and the Orion starbeings will work deeply on your energy field. In an Orion temple we will be work with the energies of the Divine Creator Codes. As we move to this place we start to see our true star nature blossoming like the flower bud opening, and as you slowly unfurl your petals of truth, you will be able to reclaim the ancient ancestry knowledge of your star brethren.

In this workshop:

  • Alphedia Arara channels live the Sirians and the Orion star beings.
  • You will have a guided meditation to tune in to the new moon in Leo energies.
  • You will receive a Sirian and Orion star being ascension sphere attunement, as well as writing your new moon wishes.
  • You will also experience a Sirian crystal skull attunement.
  • Next being taken in the hours transmission up in a Sirian space craft to Orion.
  • You will receive information on your galactic heritage and true star nature.
  • You will be shown clearly where you’re still attached into the false matrix and be disconnected from this.
  • They will then work on your immune system and your meridian pathways, to allow you to ground more fully in body in your star nature.

As always at the new moons, you will experience a 15 minute Gong Bath, channelled by Auraengus, to anchor the new moon light codes into your energy field. You will be immersed in powerful sound healing frequencies throughout the transmission.

Channelled message from the Sirians:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, It is with great honour and joy that we Sirians come forth. We are delighted now after the 08.08 portal has occurred, when the Earth, the Sun and Sirius all come into alignment, to bring forward this deep powerful healing experience for you all to reclaim and remember your lineage and to activate for you your star seed codes this new moon. It is a privilege and joy for us to work with the Orion star beings also, who are Masters of Ascension.

We are bringing to you the understanding of the access of the Rainbow Bridge to the higher realms, which is returning as the new Earth templates re-open. And these will bring forward a further activation of the diamond heart codes, with them catapulting your heart into further access the triple heart codes within. This is a massive galactic portal in this new moon in Leo phase to allow for the descending consciousness to be awoken within your brain structures. We have been preparing you through our transmissions for this great day and we look forward to working with you fully each step of the way of your awakening and remembering of your true star essence and nature. This is the time to reclaim the powers within. Namaste.”

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

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