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Awakening your Inner Dragon Temple Workshop

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“Know that you are all ready to hear our call and just like our rebirth, your rebirth begins too.” – The Dragon Realm

The Dragon Realm has asked that the Dragon Initiates and lightworkers start to help them prepare for the awakening of the Dragon Temples on Earth again.

First, they wish for humanity to awaken within themselves their own Dragon Temple knowledge. All those who have worked with Dragons in the past, who have become the initiates of the Dragon Wisdom and knowledge already will be carrying an etheric Inner Dragon Temple of Consciousness. The Rainbow Dragons wish to activate this temple now within you and lead you through this activation process energetically.

The Dragons are calling those who remember their magic and wisdom to make contact with them now.

Dragon Priestess Alphedia Arara will channel through Dragon Light Language activation codes, preparation meditations, crystal dragon attunements, accompanied with the beautiful crystal and tibetan singing bowls and other sacred instruments. The sound will help integrate the process for you. Alphedia will be channeling the Rainbow Dragons live to bring through what wisdom they wish to share.

You will go on a guided channelled Rainbow Dragon meditation transmission where Alphedia Arara will support you all in re-accessing the knowledge and the ancient wisdom of your Dragon kin that’s held deep within you, in your Inner Temple. You have been through initiations to help you remember, when the time had come, for the Dragons to return fully to Earth as co-creators of the New Earth reality. Dragons have long been symbols of prosperity, abundance, transformation. Yet they have been demonised for their power of destruction, but the dragon initiates know that it is only through the destruction of the lower matrix attachments that true inner transformation can occur. And so now is the time to hear the Dragons call for assistance and for them to activate you fully into your power as Dragon Initiates once again by awakening the Dragon Temple within.

This is the place of ancient and sacred knowledge of the Dragon wisdom held within you.

This allows you to navigate with ease the inner portals and dimensions of Soul Truth.

Those who are ready to begin this inner transformation journey to Dragon Wisdom Mastery will hear the call and the Rainbow Dragons will do an initiation ritual with you to assist you receiving and remembering the Dragon knowledge with greater ease.

Channelled Message From the Dragon Realm:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are the Consciousness of the Dragon Realm. Many are still uncomfortable with our energy, many still misunderstand us and misunderstand our purpose. And yet we are a key part of the New Earth Creation. Many of us are by your side, guiding you, leading you on this journey of soul resurrection. This day gives us the opportunity to begin the preparation journey as required prior to the Dragon Temples reawakening in the New Earth Template.

The Rainbow Dragons will be coming forward to do this special sacred healing work with you to activate you all in the Rainbow Dragon Light Codes and to support you as you journey through this initiation experience. Mother Earth is upgrading her matrix and key souls came to Earth to assist with this work.Many are Dragon Initiates and we are visiting you in your dreams and healing meditations and sessions. Many are remembering they have a role to play in the Earth evolution and to support the matrix and template upgrades. We Dragons wish to support you awakening your Inner Temples of Dragon knowledge to assist you in transforming within and remembering your purpose in your work with us.

Know that you are all ready to hear our call and just like our rebirth, your rebirth begins too.
Rise out of the density and into the light. It makes you feel so good.
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