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Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine Within

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Lord Sananda, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis, Egyptian God Horus, Goddess Aphrodite and the God Zeus step forward to assist you in balancing the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within. You are then able to embody the true essence of who you are and awaken the Holy Child within.

Alphedia Arara was asked to channel this powerful workshop to support you with the Trinitisation Process that is occurring for souls on Earth at this time.

The energy of Uranus moving in to Taurus for the next seven years creates the start of full integration of the Heaven on Earth process.

This is a process that many souls have returned to Earth for many lifetimes to culminate this transition.

We now have the opportunity on Earth to fully awaken the Holy Child within after the Equinox in March 2019.

In order to be ready and prepared to do this we require to bring balance and healing to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspect within.

Only then are we able to awaken the Holy Child within, in other words to embody the true essence of your soul.

The last two years have been a preparation for this and the year of 2019 is a year of completion.

You are supported in doing this work with the energies of Lord Sananda and Mary Magdalene. They will support you along with Goddess Isis, Egyptian God Horus, as well as Goddess Aphrodite and the God Zeus.

Working with the threefold consciousness will support you in shifting the deepest blocks in the depths of your soul.

This is a very powerful channeled transmission and Alphedia’s years of experience as a spiritual facilitator come to the fore to hold the space to allow your souls to go through this metamorphic process within.

This gives you the opportunity to culminate lifetimes of soul work and you will be part of the pioneer team doing this work on Earth, then able to support clients and students of your own.

Channeled Message from Lord Sananda

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Lord Sananda.

I come forth to support you along with my counterpart Mary, as well as the other Ascended Masters, to do this deep healing and clearing work on the Masculine and the Feminine within.

Many of you are carrying burdens from lifetimes but we will also be working with the collective consciousness of the Divine Feminine archetypes and the Divine Masculine archetypes.

We will be helping to shift not only your individual consciousness but that of Humanity through this transmission. We will work in balancing the Masculine aspect and the Feminine aspect within your chakras.

We will work on balancing the Masculine and the Feminine within your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional self. We will work on helping you identify how you feel about the two aspects that make up the whole at this time on Earth.

We will work on doing group clearings on belief patterning as well as giving you attunements to a pure vibrational frequency of the Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Masculine, in its purest form.

We will work on clearing any distortion out of your holographic matrix and energy imprint and we will also support you in awakening the Holy Child within

This will be an advanced transmission but know you are ready for it if you feel any response to reading these words.

We will also work bringing through wisdom of the energy shifts at this time. They will give a deeper understanding of the energies that are playing out.

We will look at where you are being blocked in your life due to the imbalance of the Masculine and Feminine.

We will also support you in co-creating with Divine Source a true expression of your soul’s self, helping you feel confident to be seen.

Many of you are still battling with unworthiness and this is the key vibration that will shift once we do this balanced alignment for you.

You will become more energised, more focused, more psychic and clearer on creating the life that brings your soul the deepest joy.

Frustrations, anxieties, stress, worries and pains will dematerialise after you have completed this full balanced process.

For some of you may complete this within the workshop, for others of you may have to continue listening to the transmission until it completes.

Know that we will be working as a collective consciousness to support you with our fullest spiritual power enhancing yours.

This is a unique opportunity that is being offered in love to you all. Adoni.”

You are taken on meditation, attunements, healings and belief pattern clearing.

You are supported throughout the journey with sound healing frequencies from the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, percussion, chimes, and drum. This is a fully immersive experience for your soul to help kick start you on this process of completion throughout this year.

You will also be working with upgrading the whole of your monad group’s Ascension process through this experience.

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