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Beginners Animal Communication Workshop

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Animal Telepath and Author Alphedia Arara, who hears animals, teaches you in this workshop how to open up to communicate with the animal kingdom.

Alphedia teaches you the ways in which animals send messages to us and how to watch for their psychic communication signs.

  • She takes you on a meditation to clear your chakras and remove blocks to your psychic abilities and telepathy.
  • You learn about the crystals that can help make communication with your pets easier.
  • She also helps you identify and look at any beliefs that are blocking you from psychically communicating with animals.
  • Alphedia teaches you about the spiritual guardians of animals called Pixies and how to work and communicate with them and takes you on a guided meditation to get messages from the pixies.
  • You have an Ascension Sphere attunement to the Portal to the Animal Kingdom and the Angels of Telepathy who will raise your vibration and help you open up psychically to connect with the animals.

Those attending in person practiced communicating with Alphedia’s telepathic dog Romany and asked him questions which gave a dog’s perspective on life. Her fish Etwala – an Amazonian Oscar, also took part.

This is a fun and exciting delve into animal communication and opens up a whole new connection for you with the animals and their elementals.

Alphedia under her maiden name – Fiona Murray, wrote about Pixies and animals communication in her book “Messages from Nature’s Guardians.”

She has also featured in “Chat it’s Fate‘ magazine about her animal communication work.

Channeled Pixie Message

We are the guardians of animals, We are wishing for more humans to communicate with animals telepathically. The animal kingdom has so much wisdom to offer and so much healing too.

Each animal is on the planet to hold a particular vibration. As humans cause habitat destruction and extinctions these important codes will be lost on the earth.

Each species has a vital role to play in the web of light. If you are the guardian of an animal it has come to you for a reason and understanding the connection you have with these souls will bring you great joy in your life for both you and your animal.

The animal kingdom wants their voice heard now. Please listen."
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