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Beltane Joy of the Faery & Elemental Realms Workshop

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Join Alphedia in a special Beltane tour of Merlindale, in the Scottish Borders, as you delve into connecting with the Nature Spirits and strengthening your connection with your own Elemental Guardians.

To celebrate the Astrological point of Beltane this year, Alphedia Arara was asked by the Faeries and the Elementals to take you on a journey to reclaim the joy within through connecting with the Elemental realms. Elementals are beings of love and joy who support planet Earth through their work with the Nature Kingdom.

In this Beltane workshop, Alphedia takes you to meet the magical Elementals of Merlindale, in the Scottish Borders. This high vibration valley is teaming with Nature Spirits and all on the doorstep of the Glenholm Spiritual Centre.

If you enjoyed Alphedia’s first book Messages from Nature’s Guardians then you will love your own tour of discovering the Elementals with her and hearing their messages for us at this time in this recorded workshop.

Alphedia also channels Faery healing, teaching you how to communicate with the Pixie Animal Guardians and brings forward the message from the Animals for Humanity at this time.

You also have the opportunity to receive communication from your Elemental guides, find out who are your Guardian Elementals at this time, as well as receiving healing from the Water Sprites at Alphedia’s local river.

You meet the Woodland Elementals the Wood Nymphs, Imps Brownies, Elves and other Elementals that came forward to connect with us on the day.

Find out which Tree is offering to be a Guardian for you at this time from the Tree spirits, as well as communicating with the Air Spirits, to balance any negative thought forms or patterning that has been stuck in your energy field.

This workshop was recorded on various locations in Merlindale and you receive photographs of these locations as well as the recordings.

Even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere you can still connect in to the joy of the Beltane moment as a celebration of the marriage of the Green Man and the Green Lady, who will also came forward to offer an Ascension Sphere attunement to receive wisdom from them.

This is a fun, uplifting workshop that helps deepen your connection with the Elemental Beings, your own personal Guardian Elementals as well as receiving codes from Merlindale and the Berlinius ley line.

This is a joyous opportunity to celebrate Beltane wherever you are in the World. Joy is such an important vibration in the Ascension process. It increases your vibrational frequency rate and brings more abundance into your life. Being in a state of joy not only reopens you to the enchantment of life but brings in positive experiences and uplifting energy.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu run the Glenholm Spiritual Centre in one of the most beautiful glens in Scotland in Merlindale. They take you to the sacred places in Nature to help you commune with greater ease with your Elemental Guides and the Elemental Beings, particularly for those of you who are unable to access Nature with ease at this point.

Alphedia supports the experience with singing bowls, percussion, drum instruments, toning and light language.

If you have not read Alphedia’s book about her first adventures in discovering the Elementals then you can purchase is from our shop page. Having read the book is not a necessity for doing this workshop just may add joy to your spiritual journey.

Channeled Message from the Faeries

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are the Consciousness of the Faeries.

It is with great honour and joy that we are able to celebrate with you the natural joy of life on Earth.

We see that Humanity is struggling at this time to find the joy in the moment of this pandemic experience, but know you can always find joy, for joy resides within.

Part of connecting to the joy energy is to heal the heart, is to open the heart up to joyous experiences and to be able to feel the love and the light that we Faeries bring forward.

Collectively us and the Elemental Kingdom are crying out to have more deepened connection with Humanity and we are very excited with this opportunity for those who are ready to work with us and wish to hear our call of Oneness, Solidarity and Hope for the future.

Know that the World is a beautiful place and know that many blessings from Nature are bestowed upon you.

We are going to anchor the new high frequency Light Codes brought through from Mother Earth at 1:51 am on Tuesday 5th May at the Astrological point of Beltane.

So this will be a massive upgrade for your energy systems and will support you as you move to this place of understanding of who you are and why you are here on Earth at this time and what role the Elementals and nature spirits play in this.

It is with great honour and joy for us to offer you this opportunity and for us to bring forward Wisdom and Guidance.

Blessed be.”
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