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Beltane: Merlin, Faeries, and Diamond Light Codes Activation

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Wednesday 5th May 2021

Pre recorded Channelled Meditation

LIVE 1:00 - 2:00pm BST

Rest of World: £25, UK: £30 (inc vat)

Join Alphedia Arara

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 Audio MP3 download after the event

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu for this special Beltane light code activation workshop with Merlin the Celtic Wizard, the Galactic Faeries and the Diamond Light codes in Merlindale.

Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere is astrologically occurring on the 5th of May at 7.47 am BST.

This is the mid point between the Equinox and the Solstice.

Alphedia and Auraengus have been asked to bring forward a two part activation with Merlin, the Galactic Fairies, and the Diamond Light Codes.

Merlin has explained that this Beltane Portal opens up the opportunity for further crystallisation of your human matrix.

This occurs through the further activation of the 12 strands of DNA awakening the Diamond Light Codes within.

This alters the microplasma within your body, increasing the light code frequencies you can hold and access thereforth.

This activates new levels of healing potential and psychic awareness.

This activation will occur when you are ready personally to receive it, for some of you it may require repeated listening over a period of time.

The Portal opens early on the morning of the 5th of May in order to allow you personally as Earth healers and light keepers to not only be able to hold the higher frequency light codes but to support the activation of the Merlin Standing Stone on the Belinus line, the female Elen line, at Drumelzier in Merlindale the Scottish Borders.

This activation with Merlin will create a great vortex of light along the whole of the Belinus line which connects in to the web of ley lines around the World.

This is allowing for more Galactic Fairy portals to open which means that the Fairy Consciousness can return to the Earth, which was closed off at the fall of Atlantis, from star systems such as Arcturius, Sirius, Orion, and Pleiades.

These Galactic Fairy portals are heralding in not only new Realms of Fae onto the Earth to assist with the Earth rebirthing, to assist with new technologies being created to support repairing the Earth environment, but also to bring forward ancient wisdom of your role in working with the Fae, the Fairy and Elemental kingdoms on Earth and other star systems.

As we move further into collective Oneness, the bridge between the Human Realm and the Unseen Realms must be strengthened.

This activation with Merlin will not only support the Earth healing work required this Beltane but it will also support you in opening up your communications with greater ease with the Unseen Faery Realms.

To assist you with your creative endeavours, your ideas and inspirations, your feelings of nurture and wholeness and connectedness and to aid you and assist you in vibrating at higher frequency light states.

This workshop will include a pre-recorded meditation to activate your 12 strands of DNA and to bring through the Diamond Light Code frequencies at the level that your soul is ready to integrate and uphold as part of your own individual crystallisation process. Alphedia Arara has channel this 30 minute meditation supported by the sacred instruments to bring through sound code frequencies.

In the meditation you are taken by Merlin to the great 5th Dimensional Diamond in the Heart of Mother Earth.

Here Merlin heals you and supports your further diamond crystalization of your bones and your further activation of your 12 strands of DNA.

You find out which Galactic Faery Race you are here to support reopening of the portals on Earth with and information on your work with the Faerie realms in the past.

As well as your mission going forward with the Faery realms

It is advised to listen to the meditation before the Beltane Standing Stone activation.

On the day of Beltane there will be an approximately hours transmission held live by video link from Merlin’s Standing Stone.

So that if you wish to join live you can experience the energies of Merlindale and receive the activation codes.

Then open up the vortex Galactic Faery portals where you live or are at this time on Earth.

Physiologically you will find a shift in your physical body matrix from this transmission.

The video will be available afterwards for those unable to take part live and the meditation will be available to download on purchase.

Beltane traditionally heralds in the start of summer, the marriage of the Sun King with the Fairy Beltane Queen.

Beltane has been celebrated throughout the centuries with fire to herald in the new season and to cleanse the animals, land and humans for an abundant summer season.

We hope you all enjoy your Beltane celebrations.

Channelled Message from Merlin:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, dear ones, it is an honour for me to come forward and support you with not only your individual healing work but the return of the Fairy Consciousness from the Galactic Realms through the ley line network of the world.

As Earth is going through her rebirth this is allowing us the opportunity to have closer connections with our brethrens in the stars.

To return and reactivate portals that have been going dormant, and to remember that we are not alone in this Galaxy.

Our consciousness is moving to a Galactic Consciousness and those souls who are the pioneer souls are ready now to experience Galactic Consciousness awakening once again.

You are all here on the mission.

You are all here being of service and we wish to commend you for the service that you offer on your paths of light.

I will be activating you all and your Diamond Light Codes within through a meditation transmission prior to the Beltane event.

You will also be guided to work with certain fairy guides that activate through the portal and you will receive the codes that will help you to integrate the crystallisation process with ease from the Elen line.

Beltane is a day of celebration, it is a day to honour your great Mother Earth, and it is the day to activate the standing stone grids around the world through your reverence, prayers and gratitude, to celebrate the joy of being alive on earth at this time.

We call to those awakeners, we call to those pioneers, we call to those Fairy Kings and queens incarnate on earth, may this be your day of joy and wonder, namaste.”

Beltane: Merlin, Faeries, and Diamond Light Codes Activation

Wednesday 5th May 2021

1:00 – 2:00pm BST

Rest of World: £25, UK: £30 (inc vat)

Attendance Live via Video Link (Internet Connection required)

Your preliminary meditation will be available to download on purchase.

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Your preliminary meditation will be available to download on purchase.

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The video will be available shortly after the event as a recording also you can access this from the same live Vimeo video link.

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