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Carnac Sirian Portal Workshop

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The Carnac stone complex region in France is a vast Sirian Stargate Portal which allows the Consciousness Codes to be released from Mother Earth each time she upgrades her template. This portal needed to be re-awoken as the Earth template that was upgraded at the Summer Solstice 21st June 2019 was being hindered.

Alphedia Arara was asked, after the Summer Solstice and the Emerald Ray Reactivation on Earth at the Stone Circle at Callanish, to travel to the Carnac Region in Brittany France.

This was to awaken with the Emerald Codex from her DNA the dormant vast Earth Portals that are in this location of Brittany in North West France.

Alphedia travelled to many of the sacred sites which are marked by massive megalithic stones.

The most famous being the main alignment in Carnac where 12 rows of stones lead to what once was an optical stone circle.

Inside this stone circle vast Earth energy is stored which we can all connect to now to help us with our Earth healing work and inner soul work.

Alphedia was informed that the whole complex of this region was a vast Sirian Stargate Portal allowing the consciousness codes to be released from Mother Earth each time she upgraded her template.

The Earth template that was upgraded at the Summer Solstice 21st June 2019 was being hindered because this portal had not been re-awoken.

This new workshop includes transmissions that Aphedia channeled whilst in the field, on location, as well as teaching you how to do Earth healing work creating Temples of Light.

She also channeled opportunities for you to release codes you are carrying as Earth healers into the sacred Land when listening to the transmissions.

In this workshop Alphedia channels a live transmission from the Sirians about Carnac taking you energetically to this location for an upgrade within your holographic matrixes which will allow you to rebirth and hold more of the new Earth Codes of light.

The energies at this time are all conducive for the shedding of the old self, the old lower mind programming and to release the final sticking points that are holding you back from really embracing this next stage of the journey.

Know that you are all ready to fully embody the higher mind matrix, sometimes this is known as the Christ mind, this allows fuller illumination and fast tracking to the next stage of the journey for you.

The beginning of full soul resurrection.

You will collect the codes from the Sirian observatory in Carnac as Alphedia has stored them within her DNA as well as collecting them in clear quartz crystals.

In this two hour transmission you will learn about why the Sirians are calling to you and why the land of Carnac is of great importance for the Earth’s stabilisation.

There will be an opportunity for you to have an energy upgrade.

Many of you are feeling tired after the shifts that are occurring, some of you are becoming weary of the challenges, but know that Earth energy portals are here to revitalise you.

The focus for this course is, not only upgrade your own personal holographic matrix, but as an Earth healing course to be of service to all of Humanity and Mother Gaia.

The Workshop includes recordings, both audio, stills and video taken on location of the Earth healing Alphedia Arara carried out earlier this summer in France:

  1. Dolmen of Mare Rutual - Cypress Tree Message.
  2. Lochmariequa - Grand Menhir, Earth Healing and Emerald Ray activation
  3. Quiberon Beach - Dolphin Temple activation
  4. Carnac Alignments - Earth Healing
  5. Tumulus of Kercado – Woodland and Earth Healing

Sirian Channeled Message - The Carnac Portal

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are a group of Sirians, Starbeings, whose mission is to reopen the Sirian stargate portals that were closed at the fall of Atlantis.

Many of you are ancient Atlanteans who have returned back onto Earth at this time to reawaken the portals of knowledge.

Now this Sirian portal at Carnac, Western France, is a vast library of esoteric wisdom and knowledge.

You may view that the Sphinx in Egypt is a portal into the Akashic records. Well, the Carnac complex, for there are more than one stone circle, more than one alignment, and it is even vaster that what is left now.

This was a massive complex of alignments which were stabilising the Earth at the time.

Now we wish to reveal why the alignments were put in place as they are.

We wish to ask you to release the codes that you as individual souls are carrying to re-energise this sacred site, not only to help stabilise Mother Earth’s holographic matrix, but all of yours also.

And we wish to guide you, after the Lions Gate portal opening, in what is no longer serving you and what is now ready to be let go of.

You are all at different stages of your Ascension and you are being called as Earth workers, Humanity healers, to be of service at this time.

In return we will give you access in to the Galactic Library.

Now, many of you struggle at times to receive psychic information, but as you go into this place we will activate three DNA codexes within your brain that allow for full spectrum illumination that has been denied to you up to this point.

This will bring forth remembrances of the ancient Galactic knowledge and wisdom, but it will also assist you in integrating this knowledge and wisdom into your daily lives to help you come into alignment in the truth.

For it is the untruths that have hampered Humanity after the fall.

Many beings have been able to corrupt your consciousnesses, but now the start of the process of remembering the truth comes in to play and as you access this Galactic Library you increase your spiritual power.

Know dear ones, that we Sirians wish to offer you deep soul healing.

We wish to aid you in remembering all that you have forgotten to your inner soul wisdom.

To realign your energy field at the start of this new Astrological Year so that you are in the flow of the astrological changes that will be encountered and that you may live in happiness and joy.

We look forward to working with you. Adoni.”


"Just finished the Carnac Sirian transmission - what a wonderful energy all three places - Lammas Avebury and Callanish have been amazing and especially with healing and spiritual expansion. Whilst listening I could not stop drawing, blessings Alphedia for all your fantastic workshops and work you do for Mother Earth this definitely resonates with me " Kirsty, UK

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