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Central Nervous System Upgrading for Stargate Ascension

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Your central nervous system is the key aspect to work on supporting and protecting throughout the Ascension Process. It is like your radio signal of communication, not only physically, mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually and psychically.

Alphedia Arara welcomes you to this amazing opportunity offered by the Arcturian Commander Sanat Kumara and the Lord of Sirius.

An opportunity to visit an Arcturian Healing Temple to upgrade, heal and support your central nervous system, as we propel through the Ascension Gateways at this time on Earth.

The Starbeings are supporting our mission by using their light technology, their knowledge and understanding of the Ascension process and also of nephritic reptilian agendas that are targeting Humanity at this time.

This workshop is a transmission including a live channeling and an ascension sphere attunement healing to prepare you for an astral journey with the Sirians and Arcturians to Arcturus Star.

After you have come back from Arcturus Star, Alphedia works with the Sirian and Arcturian Starbeing crystal skulls to bring forth a crystalline transmission from the Starbeing skulls in order to help you with the cellular integration and grounding.

Humanity is moving from a carbon based structure to a crystalline structure and this starbeing transmission will help you greatly with this integration process.

As we rise in consciousness we are remembering our Brethren in the star races and returning to the knowledge and understanding of the wisdom they have and the profound healing abilities that can be offered through their live transmissions.

This is an opportunity for you to prepare your energy field for what is to come energetically with the Earth energy shifts.


Channeled Message from Sanat Kumara

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. I am the leader of the Arcturian communication team with Earth at this time.

Many of you will know me consciously and unconsciously. For I had an Earth experience in the land now known as Japan. I now am the Fleet Commander of all the Arcturian spaceships that are patrolling Earth.

In this transmission myself and Lord Sirius, who has a similar role for the Sirian interaction with life on Earth, have joined forces to support you through this next stage of upgrade on Earth.

You will be, as a collective consciousness race, transitioning through the Galactic Gateway at the next Solstice point.

This means that those on the Ascension path, those that are driving forth the change of consciousness within Humanity to one more of equality and acceptance for what is Divine Order, Divine Love, Divine Light.

No more on Earth can the energies be held of untruth and you will start to see the dismantlement of the infrastructures that govern Human Earth experience that is based on falsehood.

But these changes that are coming in after the Resurrection Codes were released at the Equinox point of 2019 means that your central nervous systems are having to cope with such an influx of light and codes that some are struggling.

We come forth in this transmission together to take you to an Arcturian healing temple developed for when Arcturus went through a similar Ascension process many light years ago.

Know that we therefore are willing and able to support you at this time.

We wish to perform a central nervous system healing which is of 8th dimensional frequency. To do this we have called in the Sirians who will work on your brain structures.

The Sirians are masters of understanding of the human brain processing.

Within your brain there are many portals that are ready to re-open to increase your psychic intuition, understanding and knowledge.

The central nervous system is necessary within your physical energy fields as it not only transmits instructions from the brain but it also transmits the unseen frequencies through which you interact in your physical reality.

The central nervous system also supports you in honing your communications with beings in other realms and dimensions.

What we are observing is many lightworkers are experiencing central nervous system malfunction, burn out and confusion and this is partly because the reptilian agenda is targeting distortion of your central nervous system communication pathways.

They have set up many energetic grids around the Earth, particularly over big cities, and are targeting those whose light is shining bright.

Do not be alarmed by me saying this it is just a matter of fact.

If any of you dropped into fear on hearing or reading these words, know this is a fear body matrix attachment that requires to be shifted.

Know that as you are conscious enough to have the understanding that dismantlement of these grids can be achieved, you also understand that the strengthening of your central nervous system buffers you as a form of psychic protection.

The Sirians will be working upon you to enable you to have a more refined signal travelling down your central nervous system energies.

In this transmission we will work on healing your central nervous system through light code technologies which we Arcturians are known as specialists of.

We will utilise this to enable you to receive whatever support your energy system requires in order to enable you through the Stargate portal at the Solstice.

We bring this preparation work through now to allow you time energetically to prepare.

As always it is an honour and a joy to come forth and offer our services of healing to you all.


As always Alphedia Arara is not only channeling the energies, the words the beings wish to convey to us, but also the sound code transmissions through the crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, percussion, voice, to imbue the frequencies into your energy field.

Know that these transmissions always bring about powerful change and healing.

Your central nervous system is the key aspect to work on supporting and protecting throughout the Ascension Process.

It is like your radio signal of communication not only physically, mentally and emotionally but also spiritually and psychically.

This attunement will not only perform healing upon your central nervous system and brain communication, but will bring in protective light code frequencies, remove any reptilian morphic grid fields you have connected yourself into consciously or unconsciously, and will be a massive upgrade opportunity for you on an energy level to harness the opportunities that 2020 will offer.

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