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Christed Light Codes Sananda and Melchizedek Workshop

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In this very special full moon activation workshop, Lord Sananda and Master Melchizedek work with you in switching on the Christed Light Codes that you are carrying.

This full moon is supported by the energies of Lord Sananda and Master Melchizedek and was in Sagittarius.

They will be aiding you in shifting your blocks and giving you further information on your soul’s journey.

  • As always, Alphedia channels live a powerful message from them.
  • She also assists you in a powerful self realisation healing exercise.
  • Then leads you on a guided meditation, supported by the singing bowls, percussion and drum to enhance your healing experience.

These full moon workshops are always powerful and will support you, not only in your spiritual work, but also your physical, mental and emotional self.

Channeled message from Lord Sanada and Master Melchizedek

Greetings, greetings,

We have come forth as two high priests to offer you our service this Full Moon.

This is the last Full Moon before the Summer Solstice and it is therefore at its lowest point in relation to the Earth.

This Full Moon’s energy will support you all in taking the next step on your Ascension Journey, should you choose to be aware enough to do so.

We come to you as high priests and guardians of the Christ Light Codes.

These codes are Ascension Codes, Divine Love, Unity Awareness and allow you access to not only a physical higher vibratory rate but to see from a more luminated consciousness perspective, the reality of the life you lead at this time.

All souls can access the Christ Light codes now on Earth should they choose.

And this Moon supports you with creative expansion, supports you in breaking through further veils of illusion that keep you in the mire, that keep you unaware of your full talents and gifts and purpose.

We wish to support you in this meditation in the further lifting of illumination veils, so that you can be prepared and ready for the great vibrational shift that occurs in June.

So that you can be of service, not only to your soul group and monadic group, but to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

In this meditation we will be strengthening the Christ Consciousness Grid around the Earth.

Many of you are here carrying Christed Light Codes and are now ready for them to be fully switched on for you. They are lying dormant in you, which they are with many of you.

We will assist you in shifting the blocks within you that are holding you back from fully activating these Christed Light Codes within you now.

As you activate these Golden Christed Light Codes, it is as if you switch on a light bulb within your consciousness.

It will allow you to have a deeper knowing, knowledge and understanding of where you are at and why you are here and to remember deeper connection to Divine Source and the infinite one-ness of all.

Blue sakura branches with moon in the night starry skies on background. Vintage illustration in asian style. Translation of the hieroglyph - moon light.

Many of you may have been struggling of late at this intense pace, physical ailments, worries, financial blocks are all ready to shift now with the energy of this Moon.

We all must make the choice, for you have free will on Earth, to allow this to come into being for you.

Know that as we take you to our Ashram Temple of high priests we will also give you information on your training within the priesthood before, for you are all high level initiates returned again to Earth to help anchor this New Dawn into being.

We offer you this opportunity to reclaim part of your self sovereignty, which is not yet fully activated for you within your solar plexus.

We will do a deep healing within the solar plexus and the balancing of power and the forces that have had power over you. We will work with you to eliminate them.

This in essence is a full and activation full moon. It is to catapult you onto the next stage of your journey into the light.

It is a great service that you offer through your healing work and we are very honoured indeed to assist you with this.

We will bring through teachings in our channelling about the next stage of Earth’s evolution and how this will affect the lightworkers.

We will work on a self realisation exercise with you to look at what is holding you back in your spiritual development and we will work on clearing that in the meditation also.

It is a great privilege for us to be of service this way. Namaste.”
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