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Clearing Expectations and Limitations Archangel Zadkiel & Violet Flame Workshop

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Archangel Zadkiel steps forward to teach you how to clear expectations and limitations that you put on yourself, using the transformational healing of the Violet Flame and his releasement techniques.

Zadkiel is known as the Angel of Transformation and he is offering this workshop as an opportunity for you to let go of duality living, break out of the box your thoughts have conditioned you into living in and showing you how to create your own positive reality.

Our beliefs and thought patterns create the world we live in so if you wish to have more money, be free of illness, find a life partner or just to have a more harmonious, happy existence then understanding how our thought processes create our reality will allow you to manifest the life you are here to lead.

  • Alphedia Arara channels guided meditations from Zadkiel where he clears your chakras, attunes your energy field, remove blocks in your neuro-pathways and help you release any fears, judgements and other negative thinking you hold about yourself and others.
  • You are attuned to the Violet Flame energy and have to opportunity within the Ascension Spheres to burn out old thought patternings and expectations that have been keeping you confined.
  • You explore how you view the world and how this hinders you in moving forward on your Divine Life Path.
  • You open yourself up to Zadkiel‚Äôs purple ray light and his team of transmutation Angels.
  • Find out what serves you and what can be let go of and how to do this in your daily life.

As we move into the New Dawn we as souls have the opportunity to live in a positive reality, it is just a matter of learning how.

This workshop opens up new opportunities for soul development and freedom as you let go of the old conditioning and move into a loving and positive reality.

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