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Clearing Persecution Vibration - Archangels Uriel & Raziel Workshop

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“Know that myself and Archangel Raziel are offering to remove the persecution hooks, the vibration of judgement and the vibration of incapability from you all.”

Alphedia Arara was asked this month to bring through an Angel workshop, rather than Angel meditation, to clear the vibration of persecution from Humanity’s consciousness.

Many lightworkers have been persecuted for their spiritual beliefs in many different timelines and still even today.

Through this workshop the powerful Archangels Uriel and Raziel wish to support us in clearing any fear, anger, sorrow from the vibration of persecution.

Throughout Humanity’s history certain sects of society have always encountered persecution from governments, military or the Church.

These memories now, after the Eclipse, are being brought to the surface in order to process, clear, heal and release.

Ways that the persecution miasm may be manifesting for lightworkers is through fear of speaking your truth, fear of others finding out your business and who you are, what you believe and also being paralysed or stuck in moving forward.

Alphedia Arara herself has had many lifetimes of persecution. She was a Jew in the concentration camps of Germany in World War II, she was burnt in the pyres at Montsegur in the Cathar era and has had many lifetimes of being persecuted for being a herbalist and practising witchcraft. From her own experience of clearing these timelines, Alphedia knows the profound shift and change that can come into your current Earth walk reality by tackling this past trauma.

She supports your healing journey as always with sound healing through the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, percussion, drum and voice work as well as her channeling abilities. This is an opportunity for you to be stepping free from the memories of previous timelines and closing them down if necessary also.

No previous experience of past life work is required, feel within your heart if you feel the call for disconnection from the persecution miasm.

Channeled Message from Archangel Uriel

Greetings, greetings, greetings Dear Ones. It is a privilege and honour to connect with you.

The persecution miasm has affected many lightworkers trying to move into their true selves.

Many of you may, at some level, may be hiding, feel unworthy or feel as if you are unable to take action and make a difference.

This may be manifesting in various ways in your life and we, in the angelic realms, offer to support you in releasing this.

Know that myself and Archangel Raziel are offering to remove the persecution hooks, the vibration of judgement and the vibration of incapability from you all.

We wish to lead you through a powerful meditation to support you with deep soul healing for any lifetimes that you experienced persecution.

We, in particular, will focus on clearing persecution from the timelines of the Holocaust, the Cathars and the Witch trials but all forms of persecution will be able to be tackled and healed through this Angelic Transmission.

We will work on supporting you through attunements, guided meditation and belief pattern clearings.

Working also with the Violet Flame of Transmutation to burn down through your past life timelines.

The energies are preparing for this mass clearing of persecution beliefs and we will be enabling you in full disentanglement from connecting in to the persecution miasm.

We will also do group healing for those around the World who are still currently being persecuted.

This will be a powerful transmission to help you move out of this place and into your soul power.

Know it is a great privilege and honour for us to come forth doing this work. Adoni.”

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