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Clearing Your Ancestral DNA Angel Workshop

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Alphedia Arara was asked by the angelic realm to facilitate this course in order to assist you in clearing your ancestral patterning line.

All of us are a product of our genetics, but also of events that have happened previously up your ancestral generations. Many of the issues that you may currently be facing in this life time could be a result of your ancestral DNA patterning.

Alphedia has been working with a group known as the Ancestral Angels since 2011 to clear her ancestral lines. The angels first came to visit her when she fell pregnant to assist in clearing the line. This was to allow her son to be born without the coding and conditioning he would have been otherwise.

Many secrets are held within families but are stored within the ancestral DNA that is passed down generations. You may still be affected by the behaviour of your great great great grandmother or other relative and what happens is that patterns of behaviour continue down the line until they are healed.

Through Alphedia’s son's patriarchal line there was an abuse cycle which the angels showed her would not pass onto her son if she did the clearing work. They have now asked Alphedia to facilitate a powerful afternoons workshop for you to begin the process of clearing your ancestral DNA patterning.

In this workshop Alphedia talks to you about her own experiences and shares with you the techniques that the angels showed her in how to clear the miasms (as they are known) from the DNA patterning.

These miasms can be health, abuse, loss, tragedy or strong belief patterns. If you have ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you never have any money; why you keep choosing an abusive partner; why your mother, grandmother, great grandmother have all died of the same medical condition, then the likely cause is a miasma within your DNA ancestral patterning.

  • In this workshop Alphedia introduces you to the Ancestral Angels. She channels them live on the day to let them explain why working with them can be an important aid in assisting you in your spiritual growth and in manifesting a happy, healthy and abundant life. You will be prepared through a deep chakra cleansing, which will highlight to you where you have any miasms trapped within your chakras.
  • You go on a group ascension sphere Ancestral Angel attunement which starts to work on healing any of the miasms within your DNA line.
  • You do a self realisation exercise to enable you to realise (for you have all this knowledge inside you) which line – matriarchal or patriarchal – requires clearing first or if you wish to tackle a particular issue in your life at this time to aid you in finding out which line this issue stems from.
  • You go on a guided meditation to take you to meet your ancestors and allow them to bring forward messages and wisdom on your ancestral line

Alphedia Arara is a compassionate facilitator. She also assists you in teaching the sedona method which allows you to get rid of any guilt, hurt, fear or anger that may be exposed whilst doing this work. There is also an exercise to help you let go of judgement of your familial line.

For those of you who are walkin souls this may be a very beneficial workshop as you may feel more like you have inherited a family but you will still be carrying the DNA codes of the family whose soul you have walked into the body of. Those taking part distantly and at a later date will also receive a personal message in this workshop.

Channeled Message from the Ancestral Angels

Greetings, we are known as the Ancestral Angels and we specialise in decoding ancestral patterning.

We assist souls who are ready to work on clearing and ending unhelpful vibrations that are travelling down the genetic codes. We will assist you in clearing any miasms which are causing a disturbance in your life and we will also assist you in seeing how this conditioning has brought certain circumstances into your life.

We will provide you with our healing love and wisdom to heal any family rifts or any abuse that has travelled down your ancestral line and also aid you in establishing a greater understanding of why you chose this ancestral line to be part of in this incarnation.

Many souls have chosen their ancestral line as they are a high enough vibration to end continual carousel patterning that was existing through ancestral lines.

Know that we are here to assist you and that it is your birthright to have access to our energy and for you to do this work on behalf of your family lines. In love and joy always, namaste.”
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