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Clearing the Vibration of Lack with Archangel Ariel Meditation

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Workshop date: 5 October 2016
Duration approximately: 1.5 hrs
Please note: Audio download available. There is no personal message available with this recording

Archangel Ariel helps you shift the Lack vibration from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Currently we live in a society which sees and experiences the world through Lack vibration, the angels say. Now is the time for us to move into Abundance frequency.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 5th October 2016.

In the angel meditation with the powerful archangel of abundance, Archangel Ariel.

  • In this powerful hours' meditation, which Alphedia channelled live on the night, Archangel Ariel assists us in releasing conditioning, past life trauma experiences, subconscious belief patternings regarding Lack frequency and moves us to a vibration of abundance.

Alphedia supports the channelled meditation with playing her beautiful Tibetan singing bowls, drums, percussion and voice code toning. These meditations are always powerful.

Channelled message from Archangel Ariel

Greetings I am delighted to be called forward to support the light workers of this time. I am delighted to be able to talk to you about the vibration of Lack. For what this vibration of Lack does is decreases the power and size of your chakras.

Your chakras are like vortexes of energies, sending out signals vibrationally to the universe. Abundance is a state of being. It is a vibration which the universe responds to and lack is its polar opposite. As we move now towards a higher vibration earth, a higher vibration consciousness of humanity we are now ready to assist you in shifting your frequency signature.

By going deep into your subconscious and into a Theta brain wave state in meditation your are able to be released from subconscious patterning which generate your reaction to situations whilst human on earth.

Most people who carry lack vibration in some form are conscious of it. How many times have you heard yourself or others commenting that something is expensive, that they cannot afford it, that that will never be possible for me or I will never be able to do this or have this?

Any thinking along those lines means you are responding to a vibration of lack. This is part of the poverty consciousness that your elites, your governments and big businesses wish to keep you under the illusion of. It is time for you all to break out of this illusion of have and have nots.

For you can create your reality by shifting your frequencies.

In this meditation I will work on your chakra system, I will work on deprogramming you from your collective consciousness, I will help your journey into abundance vibration so you can feel this frequency it is easier to move towards it, through it is through feeling that you experience the vibrational state of abundance and when you move into that vibrational state of abundance, lack is not a vibration that you can tolerate.

Think of this meditation as if I am refining, re-tuning your radio frequency signal.

It is through this signal frequency that you interact with the world. If you are in a state of abundance through your tuning you will only receive abundance experiences. You will start to notice gifts that the universe offers you and others will react differently around you.

I will help you change your brain processing in order to open you up fully to possibilities for you to have. I will particularly work on the pineal gland on the centre of your forehead as this is where a lot of the Annunaki Lack programming was placed into you to aid you in becoming a slave race. By this, We angels mean disempowered, not fully in your own spiritual power and once you step fully into your spiritual power you can see through the programming and conditioning that society has placed on you.

Now is the time to shift this frequency.

Now the energies are supportive of you and you are ready to open up to your new world of abundance. Namaste".
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