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Connecting with your House Elementals at Celtic Imbolc

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To celebrate the Celtic Sabbath of Imbolc which marks the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Alphedia Arara has been asked to bring forward a workshop to help you all connect with the elemental beings who live in your homes known as the House Elementals. Many of us around the world are currently under some form of restriction or full lockdown so we are spending a lot more time in our homes than previously. Our house elementals are delighted that they can make connection with us! Now that the consciousness of humanity has risen high enough for us all to understand that there are Elemental Beings who live within our houses and places or residence.

Alphedia Arara has been aware of her house elementals for many years now. She has been working with them and leaving them offerings and gifts to help strengthen the relationship.

Through Alphedia Arara’s amazing channeling ability she will assist you in finding out from the Elementals their roles and purposes, who is the main Elemental Guardian of your home, and assist you in receiving messages of communication from them. This will occur through you working on your energy matrix to open an energy portal to help you in establishing communication with your House Elementals. Often House Elementals may be `Stone Beings, Wood Beings, maybe Water Beings, Brick Beings, or Air or Fire elementals. Depending on the size and type of your home may depend on the number of House Elementals that are in residence with you and the kinds they are.

  • Alphedia will help you to open your sixth sense to make it easier for you to communicate with Elemental Beings through meditations, attunements, guided channelled meditations, and activations.
  • You will have the opportunity to receive personal guidance from your Elementals such as their name, the type of elemental they are, and any information they wish to impart to you to assist them in their life as a House Elemental and you in creating a more harmonious living space.
  • You will learn how to ask the House Elementals for protection and to guard your property.
  • For guidance with the Earth energies of the land that you are living on and what to bring into the home, perhaps a colour or a particular plant, to create a more harmonious and high vibration living space for you.

The workshop will take place over the astrological moment of Imbolc which is at 2.59pm GMT.

You will have the opportunity to tune into this Imbolc moment as the Celtic wheel turns another cycle of the sun.

We will also be working with the energies of your Guardian Elementals and helping you connect more fully with them.

This is a day of celebration and will be harnessing the Imbolc energies to their fullest to allow you to embark upon a wonderful new journey with your House Elementals.

If there has been any trauma in the property that you may be unaware of we will also perform a house cleansing and blessing ceremony for the Imbolc celebration to create within your home happy and joyous elementals. If your household has had unhappiness or the people you are living with are not exuding joy in every moment you will learn how to check if there is a disgruntled elemental present and how to heal that relationship. Indicators can be things breaking, or stopping to work, accidents happening in the home, anything else that displays discordant energy.

House elementals are very beneficial allies particularly if one is unwell or has manifested ill health which is a discordant energy within their matrix. The elemental house being of the living space would be delighted to help bring the body back into balance through working with them this way.

This will be a blessing ceremony to assist us all and lots of new channelled information will be brought forward on the day by Alphedia Arara. So come and celebrate the Imbolc of 2021 immersing yourself in beautiful sound healing, as well as light language and elemental communications.

Alphedia Arara is the author of “Messages from Nature’s Guardians” and to celebrate this Imbolc you will also receive with the workshop a code for 50% discount on her book.

Channelled Message from Alphedia’s House Elemental:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, my name is Afaran, I am the house elemental of the new part of this home. I am a Wood Elemental and I reside within the wooden bar area in your living space. I can move around all the wood within the home but this is where I choose to reside to oversee the activities in this part of the house. In the old part of the house, which was built in the 1700’s, Bonta the stone being is the House Elemental. Now how does one become a House Elemental? Well, just like you all make choices as humans for particular careers, we elementals make decisions too.

As a Wood Elemental I originally was a Wood Nymph. When the tree was cut to provide the wood for this home I had elected to evolve into being a Wood Elemental and when I was put into position and into discussion (a bit like a court you may think in human terms) it was decided that I would be the main guardian of the space. My role is not only to communicate with the other Elemental Beings that reside within the form of this living space but also to bring forward communications with the Guardians of the house. However, most humans are completely unaware that their houses are guarded by Elemental Beings such as myself and have therefore never had the inclination to communicate with us in the living space.

In this workshop I will be bringing forward I am delighted to have this opportunity on behalf of all the House Elementals of the world to help humanity remember us, to help humanity to connect with us, and to help humanity to acknowledge us. For as it enters into your consciousness it then floods through the consciousness of all humanity and more and more hopefully will start towards living in harmony with us. This is a plea on behalf of all house elementals to establish this communication and it is with great delight and joy that we do this, blessed be.”

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