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Cord Cutting & Trusting the Universe - Archangel Michael & the Aquamarine Ray Meditation

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In this meditation Archangel Michael wishes to support you with cord cutting, to heal you and free you from your past.

This month the powerful Archangel Michael, the angel of protection and life purpose comes forth to support our ascension process in this hours' channeled meditation through Alphedia Arara.

Not only is cutting the energetic cords that attach you to others important for work in this life, but Archangel Michael also offers to free you from cords of fear towards souls you have had past lives with.

This is an opportunity not only for you to claim back energy, to regain clarity about your mission, but to free you from any attachments and cords to others that are holding you in inappropriate relationships in this lifetime or are keeping you trapped through thought processing from past lives.

Archangel Michael explains how the cords work, and why now is a good time to set yourself free as you move out of third dimensional reality.

He will also assist you in holding and acknowledging a greater trust in the universal energies.

Many souls have lost trust in the universal energies while on Planet Earth due to the cataclysm events that occurred at the end of the Atlantean Epoch.

Many of you still hold resonances of fear, or lack of trust that you are supported by the universe from the fall of Atlantis.

As always, these meditations are very powerful and Alphedia supports your journey by channeling with singing bowls, percussion, drums and voice toning.

Allow yourself this opportunity to be immersed in the beautiful energy of the angelic realm, and allow Archangel Michael and Lady Faith, his female counterpart to support your mission on earth at this time.

No previous knowledge of working with the angelic realm is necessary to take part in this course and receive the soul healing you require.

Channeled message from Archangel Michael

Greetings, it is with great honour that I come forth to support you at the close of this year. Since the 11.11 gateway portal, you as souls on earth are journeying faster into higher vibration frequency living.

And yet, in order to step more fully out of the karmic wheel, you require to be set free of the cords of energy that are still attaching you to previous lifetime experiences or to fear and pain and limitation in this lifetime.

Energy cords form between all souls. Now the fifth dimensional cords of light are cords of love, and the cords of love are powerful and cannot be broken. But cords of fear, cords of anger, cords of pain, cords of envy and jealousy can carry through many lifetimes.

And this is what I wish to assist you in being set free of. It is not necessary to go back and re-live and have knowledge of every previous lifetime you have held. Know that together, we can energetically work with my team of angels of protection and ascension in my temple of light to set you free, so that your soul can soar to its highest potential.

You will journey with me to my ashram. Here we will work on any relationship issues in this lifetime, any fears, removal of hooks and cords, allowing you to reclaim your energy, to reclaim your power and to be set free from any carousel relationships.

I also wish to work with you on regaining trust in the universal energies. I will take you, when you are ready to a portal, so you are embodied in pure source energy. Now the universal energies are easier for you to navigate when you more fully embody pure source energy.

Now many fear embodying pure source energy. This is conditioning that was placed into you by the Anunnaki to disempower you and to make you subservient to their call.

So in this meditation, I will focus on re-empowering you, but also in transmitting to you, a greater conscious awareness of the universal energies that are playing out at this point on Earth.

You have each come on a mission of light, and yes you seek to remember and to find out what that is.But once your holographic matrix vibrates in accordance to pure Divine Source Light, you are able to step into the flow of trust in the universe.

We see that very few souls whilst in a human body truly trust in the universe. And we know that this will bring you great comfort, peace and security once you have this again.

This will heal many ailments and pain you may be experiencing physically, as you can relax and de-stress. Most of the stress occurring for humans at this time is because of the disconnection in trust of the universal light.

Myself and Lady Faith will assist you with you receiving powerful healing light. I will bring through a new ray to work with you. It is called the Aquamarine frequency.

And this aquamarine frequency will activate fully your third eye chakras. making it easier to see clairvoyantly and to know and trust the path ahead for you.

This will bring a vast upgrade in your energy frequency, allowing you to access deeper states of inner bliss, and letting go of human conditioning.

For you are a vast soul in reality having an experience in a human body, and when you connect to the vastness within, great joy is felt.It is a privilege to be of service and to support you all.Namaste.”
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