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Cosmic Mother New Moon Workshop

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The Cosmic Mother Consciousness brings forward a powerful healing workshop to provide an opportunity for further soul liberation and to fully embrace cosmic unconditional love.

Alphedia Arara was contacted by the Cosmic Mother Consciousness to bring forward a powerful New Moon in Cancer healing workshop. The New Moon occurred at 18.33 BST and Cancer is known as the watery mother astrological sign.

In this New Moon healing transmission the Cosmic Mother Consciousness helps you balance and heal any issues with the Mother Energy. It is also an opportunity this New Moon as the Cancerian Mother unconditional love codes descend onto the Earth to fully embrace loving the inner child. The strong New Moon energies will support you in highlighting any wounding from or areas where you have not been fully loving the Divine Child within.

We are all children of source and the powerful energies of the Cosmic Mother will expand your consciousness beyond the limited ‘I’ and connect you to the cosmic vast aspect of who you are within. This will support healing any ailments, any negative thought forms you hold towards yourself and any parts of yourself still active from past lives too.

As the Lions Gate opens on the 23rd of July, the start of the Cosmic Galactic New Year, this New Moon heralds in the opportunity for you to move closer to full embodiment of the perfection of Source.

This will be a super nurturing, healing experience allowing you to fully embrace in the Divine Mother light codes.

  • Alphedia Arara will lead you through a new moon invocation and then guided meditation to help you connect with the New Moon energies.
  • She will then channel live the Cosmic Mother Consciousness, connecting you to its vastness.
  • You will have an ascension sphere attunement healing with the Cosmic Mother as well as experiencing any teachings this consciousness wishes to bring forth for us.
  • You will then be led on a powerful channelled live New Moon guided meditation supported through sound healing, light language activations and voice work.
  • Your beautiful New Moon experience will be completed with a sacred gong bath channelled by Auraengus Manu to help you receive the New Moon codes that will be affecting us all going forth.

Channelled Message from the Cosmic Mother Consciousness

“Dear ones, I am you and you are me, we are one. By working with my consciousness this New Moon you have the opportunity for further soul liberation. To be set free of any manifested limitations that are causing you to be unloving to the child within. You have the opportunity now to increase your speed of transmutation to heal any inner wounding and from the healed child within place you have the opportunity to manifest for your highest and best particularly through the Lions Gate portal that opens in the next week.

The energies of this time really support humanity in returning to love, you have done your period of fear as a consciousness in the earlier part of 2020. As your great Mother Gaia, Mother Earth, prepares to release further Heart Codes this is a wonderful opportunity for you all to be able to receive the nurture and the support and the love through the Cosmic Heart Consciousness. All children are born of a mother, all children are unconditionally loved by the pure consciousness of the Cosmic Mother.This moon presents a further opportunity for cosmic unconditional love to be embraced, and to be fully activated. In particular, I will be working on your clair sentience, your ability to psychically feel subtle energies and life force within.Know dear children of the light I am you, you are me, we are one.”

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